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Box of convenient cover deepfry, face knife, the face combs

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Release time: 2008-6-3 17:34:59
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-9-1 17:34:59
----------------------------------------------Amount: Do not be restricted
----------------------------------------------Pack: Do not be restricted
----------------------------------------------The price: The face is discussed
----------------------------------------------Norms: Do not be restricted
----------------------------------------------The number that browse: 52
---------------------------------------------- Shandong saves net of big a surname of peaceful ferry county to take plant business kind: Grain is oily kind of active index: 27 management mode: Manufacturer establishs time: 1982 register capital: RMB 1 million yuan / year the following
Contact: Song Moli (gentleman)Phone: 0534-5533099 mobile telephone: 13905347877 faxes: 0534-5531099 seat: Network address of Na Daqi developing zone of county of peaceful ferry of Shandong of county of peaceful ferry of district of Shandong heart city: Http://www.sdnjwd.com postcode: 253400
Define My factory major produces the metallic silk screen with all sorts of norms qualitative material to take. Box of convenient cover deepfry, face knife, the face combs reach food machinery, its product technology is advanced, do manual work is careful, material is qualitative admirable. High temperature resistant, anti-corrosive, tensile strength is great, not sideslip, wear well, breed is all ready, the price is reasonable. Welcome new old client to order.
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