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Position:Convenience food

Supply convenient area, seek each district agent

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Release time: 2008-6-30 11:25:22
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-9-28 11:25:22
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---------------------------------------------- The anxious benefit that make city gives birth to type of business of garden food plant: Convenient food is active index: 7 management mode: Manufacturer establishs time: 2007 register capital: RMB 1 million yuan / year the following
Contact: Qiu Feng (gentleman)Phone: 0391-8070686 mobile telephone: 13723151450 faxes: 0391-8070695 seat: Henan lukewarm county is anxious the network address that make city: Http://thelonely.niwota.com postcode: 454450
Define The anxious benefit that make city gives birth to round food factory
Advocate Ying Huisheng is round series doing eats surface of face, the bubble that boil, fastfood face, convenient cover to flavor bag.
Seek each district agent now, the welcome comes to a factory look around, negotiate.
The detail can call Mr Qiu Feng 13723151450
Dry eat face, water to cook food of face, agent, Hui Shengyuan