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Gourmet powder

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Release time: 2008-8-1 11:38:28
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-10-30 11:38:28
----------------------------------------------Amount: 10 tons
----------------------------------------------Pack: In bags
----------------------------------------------The price:
---------------------------------------------- Norms:
---------------------------------------------- The number that browse: 22
---------------------------------------------- Type of enterprise of limited company of chemical industry of Wuhan the Milky Way: Jobber, shopkeeper is active index: 8 management mode: Trafficker, jobber / shopkeeper establishs time: 2003 register capital:
Contact: Zhang Qiuju (lady)Phone: 027---83360503 mobile telephones: 13098897058 faxes: 027---83559601 seat: City of Wuhan of area of Hubei Jiang Han revitalizes edifice of 25 Dong Hong 505 rooms network address: Http:// postcode: 430015
Define Gourmet powder

Exterior white crystallization is pulverous
Melting point 225 ℃
Underwater solubility: Yi Rong at water
Gourmet powder is a kind of flavoring, bases is glutamic acid natrium.

Glutamic acid natrium is the sodium salt of acerbity glutamic acid of a kind of amine radical. It is one kind does not have smell achromatic crystal, when 232 ℃ disintegrate fuses. The water-solubility of glutamic acid natrium is very good, can dissolve in 100 milliliter water acerbity natrium of 74 Ke Gu ammonia.