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Xianggu mushroom pink

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Release time: 2008-8-6 15:45:47
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---------------------------------------------- Zhejiang big hill combines line of business of stay of proceedings type of limited company enterprise: Health food is active index: 68 management mode: Manufacturer establishs time: 1996 register capital: RMB 5 million yuan / year - 10 million yuan / year
Contact: Mr Mao (gentleman)Phone: 0578-6122496 mobile telephone: Fax: Seat: Zhejiang celebrates yuan of county Zhejiang of beautiful water city saves beautiful water city to celebrate network address of yuan of area of prefectural industry garden: Http://www.mushroom-king.com postcode: 323800
Define [summarize] the famous edible bacterium that Xianggu mushroom is our country tradition, the earliest on the world artificial domestication helps advance somebody's career. Xianggu mushroom nutrition is rich, flavour is delicious, have very high health protection and officinal value, be regarded as " the king in stay of proceedings " , it is important edible bacterium and officinal bacterium. Department of Xianggu mushroom pink chooses high grade Xianggu mushroom to be gotten for raw material treatment, often edible is right prevent human body, especially what obstacle of metabolization of calcium of the hematic phosphor that the baby causes for lack of vitamin D, blood brings about is rachitic beneficial, still can prevent human body all sorts of mucous membrane and skin disease, fight disease and precautionary cold to also have favorable effect to increasing. The place in Xianggu mushroom contains Xianggu mushroom too unripe can prevent hemal sclerosis, can reduce the person's blood pressure. Qualitative element of a large number of sylvite and other mine is contained in Xianggu mushroom ash content, be regarded as to avoid the good food of acidity bromatoxism. Modern medicine considers to prove, there still is the effect fighting cancer of polysaccharide of a kind of Xianggu mushroom in Xianggu mushroom, and dialogue blood disease also has certain effect, there still is 30 in Xianggu mushroom a variety of enzymatic, can participate in the metabolism inside human body, a variety of diseases that can prevent human body to be caused because of lacking sick at heart.
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