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Position:Convenience food

Supply heat up rice oneself

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Release time: 2008-8-7 11:08:34
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-11-5 11:08:34
----------------------------------------------Amount: 100000
---------------------------------------------- The price: 12.5/ box
---------------------------------------------- The number that browse: 32
---------------------------------------------- My coffee tea tastes in relief the city zone of Sichuan province continous salesroom enterprise type: Sugar spirits beverage is active index: 7 management mode: Manufacturer, jobber / shopkeeper establishs time: Register capital:
Contact: Xie Yanjiao (lady)Phone: Mobile telephone of 86 816 6981848: 13060179857 faxes: Seat of 86 816 2301981: The road austral sword of in relief city of continous of Sichuan of China of Sichuan continous in relief city on the west the area austral the market austral Duan Jian (104 markets new developed area) parking lot of fair steam department network address of date of upper part C1-11: Http:// postcode:
Define Kind eye: Convenient congee, meal
Seat: Chinese Jiangsu
The price: 12.5 yuan / box
Brand: Flavour feeds government office in
Wholesome licence: Fujian defends the word that feed card (2007) 350205-001246 date