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Position:Convenience food

Main product: Cake, moon cake, pasty

From;    Author:Stand originally
Release time: 2008-3-21 15:06:19
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-6-19 15:06:19
---------------------------------------------- Pack:
---------------------------------------------- The price:
---------------------------------------------- Norms:
---------------------------------------------- The number that browse: 198
---------------------------------------------- Type of enterprise of limited company of Huang Zehe food: Recreational food is active index: 4 management mode: Manufacturer, jobber / shopkeeper, other establish time: Register capital:
Contact: Huang Zehe (gentleman)Phone: 0592-2125825 mobile telephone: Fax: Seat: Network address of Fujian Xiamen city: Http://www.1945hzh.com postcode:
Define Main product: Cake, moon cake, pasty

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