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Additional kind cross the seventh evening of the seventh moon Jiang Mei flavour

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The idol play of screen of hot recently Taiwan " fated I love you " in, the heroine passion to ginger, a surname that allows unknown to public became nowadays the wettest delicate. Common saying says well, "The winter eats turnip summer to take a surname " , romantic the seventh evening of the seventh moon, go after individual character you, might as well and eat additionally partly take a surname, experience each other with taste bud from blueness acerbity to full-bodied love course.

Blueness is acerbity: Ginger juice bumps into a grandma

Consume a strategy: Scatter in the surface go up some of coffee pink or chocolate pink, mouthfeel is better.

The beginning of love, always bit of knock stumbles, summary belt blueness is acerbity, juice of fastfood like Guangdong tradition ginger bumps into a grandma, sweet in the area is hot. In the candy emperor sweetmeats on road of Fuzhou ferry peaceful, what y of d of C i n found this to use Jianghe milk collision to come out is delicate.

Fresh milk and full-bodied ginger juice after achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, of ginger hot the mellow mutual agitate with the grandma, the entrance is unforgettable.

Warm up: Ginger silk beef

Consume a strategy: Beef of silk of a dish of ginger, a bottle of little alcoholic drink, pleased life is such nevertheless.

Had walked along young acerbity years, the feeling of male and female in love warmed up, as ginger and beef, it is to make those who admire the person is colourful match absolutely.

In the Fu Chunji of riverside of Fuzhou white horse, cut filamentary beef to deserve to go up fine Jiang Si, light dip one spoon, beef is tender slippery have taste, jiang Sishuang mouth is small hot, there is ginger taste in beef, there is the scent of beef again in Jiang Si, really enough flavour.

In the small Fu Chun on road of Fuzhou hot spring, the pachyrhizus meal of sweet continous glutinous deserves to go up the ginger silk beef of delicious go with rice, that calls sweet.

Powerful: 3 cups of chicken

Consume a strategy: In Taiwan can be the cate that serves expensive customer!

Affection arrives thick when, can affect the person beside even, "Powerful group " ginger is delicate -- 3 cups of chicken (soy of cup of 1 cup rice wine, 1 and 1 cup balm) came on stage. In Fuzhou lake east the Taiwan on the road " fine meal of justice fire chicken " in cafeteria. 3 cups of chicken go up desk, hear ground of 嗞 of arenaceous boiler 嗞 is ringing, sweet thick hot fog rises slowly rise, the aroma of chicken diffuses to come immediately, hearing with respect to covet. Chicken mouthfeel bright and pliable but strong is solid, accompany full-bodied Jiang Zhixiang to enrage to nasal cavity outspread.

Full-bodied: Jiangsi fumes hare

Consume a strategy: Tender Jiang Fang became much can have built the gust that fumes hare!

Powerful afterwards, begin to turn gradually weak. Little imagine, insipid love just is the most full-bodied, fuzhou of no less than is roused east the Bao Zilin near road and mouth of across of Shang Bin road " head card " Jiang Sixun hare in that way, plain realization makes a person enchanted.
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