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Summer and balsam pear photograph are accompanied

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Whenever season of midsummer intense heat of summer, there always can be the balsam pear that a few verdures are about to drip in dish basket of the mother. Just as its name implies, balsam pear is bitter, I what like to eat sweet food always avoid not as good as.

Eat balsam pear for the first time, it is to be in colleague home. The colleague is the ace that makes confidential food, the balsam pear that eats that, mix with white sugar, eat in the mouth, it is sweet first, just be slight pain next, the sort of suffering does not take acerbity taste, the suffering in be not an imagination cannot be able to bear or endure, then I called a discount to the resentment of balsam pear, this dish still can enter the mouth!

A balsam pear ate to fry cutlet in kin home later, this dish sounds simple, but be done or want a few doohickey, the flesh should be fried tenderly slippery, balsam pear is not fried too often, fragile fragile ability is delicious. Eat balsam pear compared with first time, this balsam pear should be sufferred from more, fortunately I had the experience that has balsam pear, taste this also do not feel especially afflictive. Kin tells me balsam pear is had be good at heat of lienal appetizing, clear hot dispel, detoxify and fall the blood sugar, action that reduce weight, it is the season vegetables with god-given summer. The balsam pear of kin fries cutlet, cutlet flavour is delicious, a bit is not taken because of matching with balsam pear acrid. Kin says balsam pear is gentleman dish, after it enters boiler together with another dish, its both neither affects the taste of other course, also won't be tasted by what other course affects oneself. Kin says meaningfully subsequently, the truth why that be an upright person is not such!

Father also loves to eat balsam pear, sorching summer, father is outer took care a day, after coming home, he always is met in the lap of old pagoda tree in the courtyard chair of an a piece of square table, bamboo enjoys the cool. At this moment the mother is busy in the kitchen left, she went to the balsam pear that washs fresh and juicy is cleverly already melon the base of a fruit, flesh, slice, put burn one passes in the boiled water that boil, install after fish out dish, scatter on salt, gourmet powder, mashed garlic, drench on balm. The end of maternal balsam pear of cold and dressed with sause completely of a dish of lubricious fragrance arrives before father, a mother brews sip of sufficient ground of father understanding satisfaction " the daughter is red " , will go up again a few balsam pear, leisurely ground says: "Eat so that suffer from in suffering, the person on square humanness oh! The person on square humanness oh!!

This summer is particularly hot, many furuncle grew on my body, it saw the effect a few times to the hospital is not quite good also to saw the effect a few times to the hospital, the Western medicine that the mother says to the doctor leaves does not have benefit to the body. The mother is deft, made up balsam pear tea for me, she dissections balsam pear, eliminate flesh, load green tea, hind of dry in the shade is mincing in putting boiling water, become tea drink, daily two. I drank the balsam pear tea of a month, the furuncle that goes up personally disappeared actually.
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