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Heat summer feeds eel to surpass ginseng fine and soft

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"Heat summer feeds eel to surpass ginseng fine and soft " , this is one circulates very long feed adage. Saying path: "7 heat 8 heat " , annual it is the most burning hot month in a year 78 months, the person's energy is used up big, however cannot because hotly and not nourishing body. Nourishing what is good? Although ginseng, pilose antler is best tonic, but because feed postheat the volume is high, should not be like phlogistic Xia Yi edible. And people because eel is fat, tender, bright, those who feed is easy digest absorb wait for an advantage, summing up summer giving hot weather to feed eel is best submit filling method, not only but nourishing body and still but dispel is ill. Go up century 70 time, I once had worked a lot of years in headquarters of the fishing ground austral Fujian, the contact crosses many piscatorial brother during, I ask them: "You often have so hot weather eel, be afraid that quantity of heat is too big? " the piscatorial hand that has old and well-known family of a medicine is patting abdomen to tell me tastily: "Do not watch summer so hot, the person's abdomen is cool however. " presumably reasonable also, we take summer much cool and refreshing food, nutrient hard to avoid does not follow to go up, eat cordial of fish of a few seas really very be necessary.

Heat summer festival eats a kind of convention that filling eel is Japan. Japanese thinks metabolism of the human body when midsummer is exuberant, should have eel nourishing, eat eel to be able to regain the physical power that consumes in heat summer institute to come over not only, and have reduce the effect such as heart disease of blood pressure, cure and Zhuang Yang.

The Chinese is opposite early moray is known somewhat. Motherland medicine thinks, moray has nourishing body, dispel the wind bright eye, invigorate the circulation of blood knows the effect such as subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, alexipharmic diminish inflammation. Sclerotic to stomach trouble, seminal emission, anaemic, tracheitis, liver, neurasthenic, facial nerve is paralytic etc have certain curative effect. Moray contains not saturated fatty acid, often edible also won't cause the disease such as fat of hypertensive, tall blood, arteriosclerosis. And the collagen albumen that measures high because of containing again, can defer ageing, raise Yan Meirong. Of the normal function with the development, neurological growth that the rich phosphatide that moray place contains organizes an organ to human body maintain the effect with be had main. Phosphatide serves as nourishing analeptic, attach most importance to especially to function of the intellectual growth of children, adult brain should.

In fishing area the job has tasted many moray cate for years. The moray that I know feeds a law to have a lot of kinds, moray but braise in soy sauce, steam, soup of deepfry, quick-boil, still can make piscine bolus, slices of fish meat, fish coil etc. Moray makes dried fish very famous also, simply becomes strip with bright moray analyse, in taking clean gut splanchnic, put a few salt to bloat, with bamboo maintain hang below eave, airing of let it have its swing, say " dried fish of new wind eel " , evaporate and the delicacy that feed is sweet clinking, reason has feed adage " flavour of dried fish of new wind eel gets the better of chicken " , piscatorial habit makes cold meats enjoy with eel dried fish.
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