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Summer should take bit of pain

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Midsummer intense heat of summer, climate is burning hot, often make person mind listless and depressed, lack of power, if eat,select acrid food right now, have disappear heat effect not only, have profit greatly more to health.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, summer heat fills weight in wet base, hurt kidney gas to strand taste again already. And acrid food can fill through its gas firm kidney, be good at the action with lienal wet dry, achieve the goal of function of balancing machine form. Modern science considers to also prove, acrid food contains alkaloid, amino acid, acrid element, vitamin to reach more mineral the material that waits for human body to need very, and have the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, dispel that solve heat heat, life-giving wait for function except irritated, be good at stomach. Enter the summer especially, should produce taste to drop, when the digestive function obstacle such as dyspeptic, inappetence, because the taste bud of person tongue face is right acrid special and sensitive, eat bit of acrid food to be able to stimulate the digestive ability of taste, stomachic, make return to normal. Additional, wait for acrid food like coffee, tea, beer, acrid chocolate, because its contain a certain quantity of cocoa alkaline with coffeine, can make person generation life-giving wake comfortable and head, relaxed feeling. Accordingly, summer is comfortable eat acrid food, profit is not small really.

Acrid food " familial " actually very giant, be in the majority with vegetable and potherb, wait like dish of leaf of lettuce leaf, asparagus lettuce, lettuce, celery, fennel, caraway, balsam pear, turnip, clove, liver mosses; In fruit doing delicacy, leaf of apricot, water chest nut, grapefruit, almond, dateplum persimmon, mint waits; Have more in addition feed medicine to hold core of used the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, lotus seed concurrently to wait, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine applies to wintry spring, lotus seed core special agree with summertime edible. But what some acrid food contain is toxic to human body chemical substance, for example the melon the base of a fruit of immature muskmelon and root ministry are bitter, what what contain is to have bitter muskmelon toxin, can cause gastralgia, vomiting, diarrhoea to wait, serious person can endanger life.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks acrid food all is belonged to cold cool, have fire of clear hot have diarrhoea, dry wet aperient wait for action, belong to clear have diarrhoea kind food, the person that reason constitution compares empty to lose is unfavorable edible. Say commonly, the taste of old person and child is much frailer, reason is unsuited overmuch edible is acrid food. The patient that has release of jalf congealed of ache of abdomen of taste Xu Han, Wan, defecate is unfavorable also food of edible bitter cold, can accentuate otherwise illness.

Balsam pear

The person that the flavour in acrid food is sufferred from head push balsam pear. Its sex cold taste is bitter, but bright eye clear heart, disappear heat solves heat, balsam pear place contains vitamin C is melon kind the medium person that above average, its are small bitter taste still can stimulate human body saliva and gastric juice to secrete, make person appetite soars. Balsam pear eats law diversity, decoct, stir-fry before stewing, fry, cold and dressed with sause, evaporate all but. The material of chromium and similar insulin is contained in balsam pear, have fall apparently blood sugar action, it can promote candy cent to decompose, have make surplus sugar separates function of translate into caloric, can improve the adipose balance inside body, it is the dietotherapy food of diabetic ideal. Distinctive vitamin B still is contained in balsam pear
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