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Had a holiday, oneself cook pa Mom eats

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The summer of sorching comes early to the side of us, as a result of the reason of climate, our everybody becomes without appetite, but mom still insists to changing every morning the breakfast that pattern cooks nutrition to abound for us.

Had a holiday! I also cook rich nutrient breakfast for my father mother today.

In the morning at 7 o'clock, I had a bed early, the breakfast that began me works. Above all I put rice of one cannikin northeast in high-pressured boiler, then, enter a few gram and fresh jade grain of rice, finally, join the food crops food grains other than wheat and rice such as Yi benevolence rice and millet. Mix together, add clear water abluent, the boiler on the lid is built, my eight treasures congee begins to be boiled appetizingly in hot pot rose! Boiling congee while, I am us in frying pan 3 people each decoct a poached eggs and flesh of a ham! The nutrient breakfast that abounds suddenly fell to be finished smoothly in my elaborate preparation.

It is reasonable that I prepare a such breakfast. Listen to mom to say, gram can drop in temperature in summer reduce internal heat, and rice of corn, Yi benevolence and millet belong to food grains other than wheat and rice, there are rich vitamin and microelement inside, can enhance immune power of the person, still can make mom's figure slimmer. And match together with egg ham edible, not only goluptious, can raise the human body absorption to protein more.

Special ground is happy after mother of this breakfast father had! Do you also want to do rich nutrient breakfast to give your family? Mix quickly the action rises like me!

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