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Complex of young soya bean

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Go every time small restaurant has a meal, I always can call a young soya bean early, that is a kind of distant expectation, jumbly another the sincere feeling is inside. Take a chopstick, place entrance of a young soya bean, in fine fine mastication, I as if smelled the peculiar taste on the breath of birthplace clay and maternal body, and the memory of those precipitation is in of the heart most the bottom carries tuck diveseethe.

Young when, father goes out work, young mother besides should take year young elder brother and I, even a few pigs in attend to home and ox. Just began, every arrive of lunar base that day, the postman of the village can give a piece of 500 yuan money order bill in maternal hand. The mother always is put in the hand, looked again.

Father goes out the 3rd working month, the run out of grain in the home, lie between 3 fork the day of 5 go to market, the mother is carrying on the arm no longer dish basket goes buying food. Of lunar base that day, I see a mother often face doorway look around, still did not long finally to come the shadow of the postman. In maternal eye apparently much anxious. That day, elder brother tells me, in the home remnant the expenditure of 5 yuan of money.

After a few days, father tells a mother in the phone, temporary hair does not give their employer salary, still enjoin a mother to must go designedly to uncle they borrow 100 yuan, fasten hunger bad we. In my eye, the mother is a person that won't stretch his hand to others easily, although be in this moment, besides that discovers hard angst in maternal eye, we often still can hear maternal laughter.

The following day afternoon, the sun is fast when setting, the mother is carrying on the arm basket of a big bamboo went out. Fast at dark, I saw a mother come back far. She goes very slow, the Cheng Man in the bamboo basket of empty sky's full young soya bean. Looking at these fresh young soya bean, I saw the hope of maternal eye ground it seems that.

After dinner, the mother is busy be over housework, call together us rise. Below faint light, the mother is taking ground of our without a stop to pare cottony beans comes. The mother says, pare young soya bean of basket of this one bamboo tonight, take tomorrow morning sell to collect. She still says, pared leather young soya bean is good sell some, price is higher also. Faint light the mother bend forward on the wall that the body of the move is mirrorred is dirt completely, quiver, or so rock is worn.

Pare 12 when, I did not live with respect to support, the mother looks at the appearance of my one face exhaustion, call us elder brother two sleep at once. I am hesitating, still slept finally. Elder brother is more sensible than me, insist to say to be not stranded, want to stay. Midnight awake, that lamp below door brim still is shining, faint light becomes daub of dim light of night a distant fairy tale. Accompanying halation, I hear the voice that mother and elder brother pare young soya bean is given out dimly.
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