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3G era food machinery industry the way of marketing

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According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology statistics show that as of the end of September 2010, the total number of mobile phone users in China reached 833 million total. CNNIC's statistical report shows that by the end of June this year, China's 420 million Internet users, mobile phone users reached 277 million (some also with computer access), the penetration rate of all Internet users reached 65.9%, China added 62% of Internet users from the cell phone, six months added 43.34 million mobile phone users. These figures are sufficient to show the number of mobile Internet development in China, how fast, but also to show people the potential of this market, how much. This information technology revolution, so that the food machinery industry, including the way many companies in marketing to find a breakthrough and innovation, Shijiazhuang Zhuangbo Rui Machinery Co., Ltd. in January 2009 and the Chinese wireless industry portals Union cooperation, starting a convenient and efficient mobile phone platform in China Food Machinery portal. China Food Machinery portal officials said, as China's building a moderately prosperous society and the lives of the masses more and better food as an important necessity in people's lives, will lead the overall development of the entire food industry. According to statistics of China Machinery Industry Federation, a quarter of food packaging machinery industry's output growth of 24.94%, 1-February a total profit of 359 million, an increase of 44.33%. Food packaging machinery for the performance of the first quarter, China Machinery Industry Federation, Cai Wei, executive vice president of Mercy Corps believes that food and packaging machinery is an emerging industry, as people's living standards improve, the demand for food type and quality requirements are also gradually increasing This not only provides food machinery broad space for development, but also to upgrade their technological innovation has put forward higher requirements. It is understood that domestic food and packaging machinery industry has entered a consolidation phase of upgrading, enterprises should strengthen the brand of training, improve new product, new technology research and development capabilities. The official also said that China's food packaging companies, mostly SMEs, poor awareness of brand marketing in today's rapid development of information, which is detrimental to the development of enterprises. The arrival of mobile Internet, so that businesses lifted, with the three operators of the high-profile participation and strong investment in CCTV and other major mainstream media coverage of a large scale, "3G era, triple play" and other words with more high frequency into the public eye. VPro machine wants to use the mobile Internet development opportunities, the growth of the food machinery industry to open up a market economy path. China Food Machinery portal is a joint industry Zou production, supply, marketing and other related industries, supply chain and the surrounding businesses, products, business opportunities, consulting class information platform for the industry, enterprises and individuals to provide multi-faceted services. Chinese food is the 3G era of precision machinery portal products, business opportunities query platform Twice through the establishment of a huge database of mobile phone users providing accurate, corresponding business information, thereby facilitating the flow of products on the various links of the chain, providing a full three-dimensional , at any time, anywhere, portable professional TWICE platform and platforms in multiple industries and the mutual influence between the dissemination of information to form TWICE ecological chain. The person in charge of China Food Machinery will be the role of the portal optimistic attitude, he said, China Machinery Industry Federation is expected, from 2011 to 2015, China's output of food and packaging machinery industry is expected to exceed 6,000 billion yuan, annual average growth rate at about 16% level. Can not do without such an exciting variety of digital products and business channels on effective advocacy, mobile portal which will become a powerful highlight.
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