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2011 enterprises such as food packaging machinery industry optimistic

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November 23 -24 May, sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Federation of Machinery Industry Economic situation report will be held in Beijing, the guests including the China Machinery Industry Federation of Ruixiang, Cai Wei, vice president of Mercy Corps, Luren Qi, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance Wang Guogang, Fan Jianping, the State Information Center, the National Development and Reform Commission Wang Yiming, vice president of the Academy of Macroeconomic Research. Best e-commerce platform Confidential Secret! Market may find that reversal of the recent Changes the flow of institutional money has Fasheng! Main funding is plotting a new layout! What: 1.2010 annual operating in good shape Overall sales growth in 2010, a record high operating efficiency, technological progress continues to make new progress, structural changes in trends and policies whereabouts fit. 2010 Jan-Oct machinery industry industrial added value increased 21.4% over the same period the national industry average growth rate of 16.1% higher than the 5.3 percentage points, the first in the industry sectors. Output value of 11.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 33.82%. In which the highest growth rate of construction machinery, for 50.30%; machine tools, automobiles, basic parts, internal combustion engine is about 40% growth rate; instrumentation, electrical, cultural and office supplies, general petrochemical machinery growth rate of 30%; food packaging machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy Mechanical lowest growth rate, about 20%. Starting from March this year, the monthly output has been for 8 months more than in December 2009 to 1.1237 trillion yuan in the highest monthly output record, has been a steady step onto the output value of more than 1.1 trillion yuan on the stage. Profit growth of construction machinery, automobiles highest, more than 90%; machine tools, instrumentation, basic components, followed by internal combustion engines, an increase of 60-75%; cultural and office supplies, petrochemical and general machinery, heavy mining machinery, electrical again, an increase of 35-45%; food packaging machinery, agricultural growth rate as low as 25-30%. 2. A good momentum of development of new products Value of 2.1613 trillion yuan of new products, an increase of 35.21%, faster than 33.82% over the same period of the year industrial output growth rate, indicating that the machinery industry of technological innovation activities are relatively active. 3. Steady progress in independent innovation, high-end equipment Special large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power began, a large supporting nuclear power and nuclear power valve castings and forgings have made significant progress in localization; super-critical unit of Shanghai Electric successfully exported to India; Taiyuan Heavy Industry of the Russian export of large excavators; Western Electric successfully developed in China the world's first 1000 KV, 1000MVA UHV (double column) from dual transformer, reached the international advanced level. NARI State Power Control and Protection of UHV power transmission system development platform to reach international advanced level. 4. Monthly growth rate declined month by month Machinery industry total output value and profit growth was 45.49% in January 1-2, 140.35%; 1-6 months was 38.93%, 86.13%; 1-10 months was 33.82%, 63.59%; showing monthly decline trend. 5.2011 Outlook for Investment growth is expected to remain high, mainly of the original industrial investment in fixed assets investment will shift to consumption-based investment-based, the main contents of culture, education, the main hospital building and equipment purchases; Devaluation of the Renminbi, the industrialized Western countries and then China's machinery industry and other factors make it difficult to continue its rapid export growth; Preferential policies for the automotive industry because of the consumption tax due and other reasons, the growth rate will be significantly reduced; Increase this year because of construction machinery is too high, the base is too large, difficult to maintain a high growth rate next year; Machinery industry revenue growth next year will fall, profits to decline significantly more growth, revenue growth is expected in about 15%, profit growth may be lower than revenue growth.
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