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Barbecue drinks lukewarm tea certainly

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Barbecue drinks lukewarm tea certainly

From before hotpot is strung together, to the wing of present the chicken that bake, vegetable that bake, barbecue is held in both hands all the time by the heat of people. But about the opinion on public affairs with insalubrious barbecue, also make popular feeling superabundant throb with terror. What what health barbecue has again to eat to choose?

Eat ability part, had better choose the lean lean with little grease, wait for seafood like flesh of pig tenderloin, chicken breast or squid, unripe oyster. Sauce makings respect, had better not the side side that bake brushs barbecue sauce, lest eat,enter too much salt and natrium, taiwan Kaohsiung justice Li Jiaying of division of large hospital nutrition suggests, the flesh kind can bloat to be baked again first, if like an edge to bake an edge to brush the fun of sauce, can abstain barbecue sauce or be a barbecue sauce the dilute that add water. The seafood such as scallop, can not put sauce, add some of garlic fine and soft to bake flavour directly best, return the generation that can reduce carcinogenic substance. A lot of people like an edge to eat bake string of edge to drink beverage beer, this is very insalubrious. Had better deserve to go up barley tea or green tea, had better be tepid, solve be bored with, protect intestines and stomach again, avoid cold hot alternant stimulation.

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