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12 pairs of gold in diet match

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Common saying says: All things everythings on earth, mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements. Between diet, if can match all sorts of food scientificly, can raise the utilization rate of corporeal nutrition not only, still can have the effect that improve the health. Through long-term food the research of practice and nutrient expert is recommended, 12 kinds of food are like collocation to be together under cook, will have the magical effect with complementary nutrition. The person that be interested mights as well try.

In be known as diet " partner of 12 pairs of gold " food collocation combines is:

1 , chicken and bamboo shoot.

2, pork and bamboo shoot.

3, bean curd and Xianggu mushroom.

4, balsam pear and green pepper.

5, pork and green pepper.

6, balsam pear and aubergine.

7, beef and potato.

8, chicken and wax gourd.

9, crucian carp fish and agaric.

10, orchid is mixed on the west Xianggu mushroom.

11, beef and taro.

12, pork chop bone and yam.

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