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Fabaceous flower is missed in summer

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Arrive summer, constant regular meeting is heated up so that have no appetite for food, eat at ordinary times again labial tine takes sweet thing, one entrance feels dull few flavour. All sorts of pork that those usually make the meat animal such as my is excited and ineffable kind, induce an appetite very hard also. After all, under burning sun sorching, maigre ability is kingcraft. This season makes me most of be very worried about, with respect to the summer that is southwest of sweep anything away inapproachable element is tasted king -- the beans is beautiful.

Public figure of blame southwest record is likely very hard the kind of interpret without real understanding goes understanding a beans to spend after all why content. Say simply, the beans is spent even if by wear oar soya bean is in those who march toward bean curd is luxuriant change in body process " a development is not complete " level, between head of corrupt of interpose Yu Dou and bean curd, if say jellied bean curd is " low young younger sister " , bean curd is " ripe female " if, the beans is spent even if already condensed into form of spruce beautiful body but skin still is blown play what defeat namely " beautiful girl " .

Fabaceous flower and difference of jellied bean curd are very big. And in saying to taking bittern to choose the course of bean curd, fabaceous flower and jellied bean curd are in " dot " look this be like simple but having on the caky segment that includes countless experience cost actually how strict old with tender divisional, only the configuration with respect to them, jellied bean curd can is by end constrainedly only solid, and the most crucial one step that fabaceous flower took to march toward bean curd already: Jellied bean curd cannot be pressed by the clog, press rare in, and fabaceous flower can have been wrapped by gauze, fu with the clog. Once the beans spends the redundant water in in-house and inattentive hole,divide by bleed white, bean curd was born with respect to horizontal sky.

Southwest people has deep love for edible beans extremely to spend, because it is brighter than bean curd, tender, have qualitative feeling than jellied bean curd again, its in-house and rich hole is had more exceed strong suction flavour function, once match,dip in multifariously with gustatory origin water, the rice paper that it can resemble sucking Chinese ink is same, the degree that apply colours to a drawing of olfactory minor details is intoxicated to your the tip of the tongue. On capacious southwest earth, very much little place still is walking to carrying a beans to spend the butcher that peddles everywhere, in Chongqing, Guiyang in such big city, the doorway that everywhere also can see street edge small restaurant is placing a big one big basin dip to be in clear small the water ancient stemmed cup or bowl in yellow fabaceous beautiful water is beautiful.

The means difference that beans of edible of southwest each district spends is very big, but the basiccest edible method no more than is two kinds: One kind is spend the beans and dip in water is put in same in the bowl along with all the others edible, sichuan is for instance elegant ancient stemmed cup or bowl of installed water of acerbity hot cliff is beautiful, content and the beans such as soya bean of end of dish of chili, soy, vinegar, gourmet powder, bud, short, rutabaga end, chopped green onion are spent fill together; The 2nd kind more authentic, it is a beans flower and dip in water is completely apart, the bowl at least of flower flourishing a beans has half bowls of cool and refreshing beans to spend water, dip in water is filled with dish sheet, occasionally even can flower of a bowl of beans matchs a few dish of different taste dip in of water exquisite. Flowers of all sorts of from flower of Gong Fushun beans and Chongqing, Guizhou river water ancient stemmed cup or bowl with the famousest Sichuan, spring beans flower is basic be such edible.
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