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Su Zhe dish, flesh of many bits of duck

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Su Zhe dish, flesh of many bits of duck

Sauce of thick oily bare is bit less, aid digestion of tie-in coarse food grain

As people living standard rise, food has however " return uncut jade to return true " trend. "This is not fathomless also, this state of the dish of river short for Zhejiang Province with relatively delicate flavour, Su Cai, Shanghai dish although the price does not poor, more and more welcome however. " frontier says. Short for Zhejiang Province of all corners of the country 3 ground draw near, food is similar also, the characteristic is to choose makings is rigorous, emphasize this taste, outstanding advocate makings, tonal quietly elegant, xian Tian moderate, taste is gentle, reason gets used to a face wider.

The duck dish that is good at cooking with Su Cai is exemple, value of duck flesh nutrition is very high, contain more B a group of things with common features vitamin and vitamin E, the mineral content such as potassium, iron, copper, zinc is very high also. Duck flesh suits edible of summerly fall red-letter day especially, can complement already excessive the nutrition that use up, can eliminate again what bring to human body hotly is unwell. Duck belongs to waterfowl, the gender is cold cool, according to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine " the person that heat up is cold " remedial principle, suit the person edible that there is fire inside body particularly. Be like the whole nation's popular now old duck soup, suit summer very much edible.

"What need an attention nevertheless is, although raw material is most delicate, but the practice of many dish or the category that belong to sauce of thick oily bare. " old Xia Fei reminds: "More slippery than the braise in soy sauce in as above edible seaweed water (piscine end) , paste of eight treasures thick chili sauce, noisy oily eel, joined not little sauce material, suit summer not quite accordingly edible. " if want to eat, such on one desk dot 9 dish are OK, and had better match the coarse food grain such as congee of samp, Yi benevolence, rise to promote digestive action.

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