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Old Beijing is fastfood

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Old Beijing detects quickly law: Silk of pickles of anxious group of a fermented drink made from ground beans

Old Beijing is fastfood

The Shang Shui that a fermented drink made from ground beans is the cyan of weak green extensive that water mill gram makes vermicelli made from bean starch or the remnant when cooking starch comes down passes what ferment and become. Drink in the winter very hot, thud effervescent float is worn Bai Mei, deserve to go up the hot pickles silk of dissect, build on two Jiao Juan, acerbity, sweet, salty, hot, add Jiao Juan fragile and sweet, match absolutely namely. Summer drinks cool a fermented drink made from ground beans, the disappear that see hot weather is fed. Sour of the extensive in the flavor acid of a fermented drink made from ground beans, personality is strong, if not be long-term good this person, the proposal does not try pure drink, still choose most the 3 model of its flavour are classical collocation.

A strong spirit usu. made from sorghum and brave man

Old Beijing is fastfood

Want to understand Beijing truly, the Beijing man that becomes a tunnel namely man of so called Beijing, that a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum is the necessary actor's costumes on table for certain. It compared with market a few antecedents the unidentified, liquor that sells a day price however is more true, taste cooling its nature can become the pride of Beijing place crowd, especially byname " small 2 " small bottled a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum, compared with foreign flagon bumbling, small 2 drink what throw with respect to conveniently is cheesy, can not Beijing man does play of bold and generous individual character get incisively and vividly?

The ass hit to boil delicately

When just hearing this name, still thinking really is with the ass the flesh has what correlation, it is glutinous millet dough coils so actually sweetened bean taste, after coiling nevertheless, get on its in soya bean face roll, let the surface touch face of a soya bean, bring about with avoiding moisture to evaporate weather-shack affect mouthfeel thereby, because,the likelihood is finally this movement and be given a name it to be a form of usury in the old society by humorous Peking Man, regrettablly the small mug-up that is Beijing causes genuine interest because of the problem of inheritance disappear slowly, special like a form of usury in the old society the flavour of this Ying Zhengzong is in leave us gradually and go, the estimation that leave has huge dough and ass to buy a concern only.

With fry have nothing to do, fry liver
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