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Olympic Games year strategy of Beijing cate market

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Olympic Games year strategy of Beijing cate market

Front door, a street of old name assemble

Traffic: Bus 20, 203, 59, 66, 5, 120

The assemble on front door ave is worn a lot of homes of the capital are old name restaurant, resemble the wind storm rain that open door experiences is same, those old name restaurant on front door ave also are long classics vicissitudes of life, the fascia confirm before the door their long history. Although the person gas cap here do not go up other cate markets are hot in that way, but, representing a capital however feed culture, also be the place that foreigner goes to surely to Beijing. The hundred years old store here has Quan Jude roast duck inn, be in a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, unseal steamed stuffed bun of soup of fill of first floor, old starting restaurant, one dragon restaurant is waited a moment, all is the old name of hundred years above, and taste also is quite authentic.

  Wide install the gate, hemp is hot advocate hit local color feeds a market

Traffic: Bus 620, 617, 19, 381, 390

Market of the wide cate that install the gate rises 6 lis of bridges on the west, tiger lane bridge comes east, this one a sector of an area is as south the city is transformed and business street of arisen a cate. Enumerate the numerous inn-keeper on this street, discover this cate street is given priority to with hemp hot gust not hard dozen, the hemp hot temptation that gives priority to in order to run plain course for instance, with sweet hot crab of famous capital plum old father, and the Tan fish first class that comes from Sichuan. Standing by the dining-room of a few Islamic near Niu Jie also is flourishing of person energy of life. Additional, a few south the old name of the city also sees very easily on this street.

Restful ave, witness cate street of the history

Traffic: Bus 13, 810, 68, 111, 701

The commerce of the restful ave after transforming did not imagine medium hot, but from east 40 bridges westerly goes all right continuously all the way, the restaurant of road both sides also is one is next to, also be lively and extraordinary. Because approach lotus market, every arrive in the evening, a lot of people like to eat nice dinner on restful ave, suitable path folds the sea after entering, in those Wen Wan's bar, enjoy a kind satisfied.

Because a lot of wine shop are to build the site in seat of government of former a few king, house to go up, accordingly, the meal on restful ave also is taking the lasting appeal of trifling history. Division division government office is a among them, because be mother of an emperor of happiness of the kind when quiet day,bestow the mansion house that Shou Gulun's princess uses flourish at get married, because this possesses rich historical color and culture inside information, advocate all sorts of palace stew battalion article, have distinguishing feature very much. And stand by restful the boreal smooth building in is a wine shop that runs old Beijing local color, want to eat explode face of abdomen, a fermented drink made from ground beans, fried bean sauce, coming here to fall is all can eat complete.
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