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Potato skin congee is fresh in memory

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Everybody has seen sweet potato. In us native place has a great river, there is an isle in the river, there is a sanded land on the island, suit kind of sweet potato most. The sweet potato here, hearts, big smell is sweet, far and near is celebrated. Be short of the years of grain little rice, sweet potato bring back to life the life of one village person. We these baby like to lose sweet potato into kitchen hall, one boiler meal was thoroughlied cook, sweet potato is squashy also. Uncover carefully those who scorch is cortical, of greet is one caboodle red, seething ground is risking steam. Went up the old person of age, seeing this kind of case, the back that often should point to us scolds: "Black sheep! "Black sheep!!

Old people has sweet potato is not of flay. Sweet potato skin is coarse, issue pharynx hard, but sweet potato skin has a way proper, also be a kind delicate. Native place is popular congee of skin of a kind of potato. I am unintelligible the making course that remembers potato skin congee. Wash sweet potato clean first, evaporate is ripe, uncover carefully cortical, put outdoors air. The redundant moisture in such potato skins volatilized, wipe on fine salt, put into the impaction in jar, the cap on the lid. The potato skin in jar must fill in full to the brim, assure to do not have air, otherwise skin of one jar potato should become moldy, become smelly. 9 lunar hind take out potato skin, also need not clean, cut fine, plus a millet slow baked wheaten cake is boiled. Gradually aroma trail comes, when the aroma in the kitchen diffuses, potato skin congee has been boiled. Eat a bowl, the sort of delicate it is adv unimaginably without has tasted person.

But the person of native place is seldom congee of the skin that make potato, have very hard long time only, congee of skin of this kind of potato just can appear on each dining table. Also had eaten 3 times two in my memory, and my mother is annual however in one's childhood eat potato skin congee. Grandmother skill is good hutch art, one man is put to nod the flavor of anise and so on in potato skin congee, the fragrance of potato skin congee can let a person think by accident is to enjoying palace grand banquet. Get grandmother is genetic, the mother also can do potato skin congee very much. In potato skin congee besides put flavor, the mother also is met the lardy dip that collects much month one gourd ladle enters boiler, oil is sweet with congee sweet blend, forgetting this is very common potato skin congee only.

I what live in modern city, had not eaten potato skin congee for years. Sometimes I am pestering a mother to let her do potato skin congee, the mother shakes shake one's head. I understand maternal meaning, work of one a future life is rich, those who eat is big fish big meat, who still eats this to plant " pig feed " ; 2 come the isle in the river has not been planted sweet potato, ran a plant, without the sort of special sweet potato, taste of made potato skin congee does not know to want to differ how many times. I ever also went up in market redemptive sweet potato of ten jins of this locality, answer the method in there is memory after the city, boiled congee of skin of one boiler potato, the son tasted one buccal hind, also do not agree to eat again, and how do I eat to also do not eat to go out in those days tasted.
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