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The first ice-cream

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Friend agitato tells me, elephant cafes is new the ice-cream coffee flavour that roll out is too wonderful, "Complete inarticulate tastes, do not know how to be described, that feeling... the first ice-cream that resembles childhood! " it is to be intoxicated completely in friend eye.

I look at render of coffee of this cup of deep black, milky white presses a top like silken ice-cream, fill the ice-cream coffee in transparent glass, with small spoon gently a small ice-cream since dip, coffee already had a few infiltration. Of the entrance that is flashy, a pure and thick bitter coffee attacks taste bud of the tip of the tongue continuously. But had not waited for it to spread, ice-cream algidity already sealed it to invade the purpose of glossal root further. Back-to-back, ice-cream butyric flavor begins placatory tongue, melt is worn the tip of the tongue puts glacial suffering on the ice then. "How, find felt? " the friend asks hurriedly.

My forced smile, reply: "I had not eaten ice-cream at all in one's childhood, do you want me how to seek a perception? Do you want me how to seek a perception??

Small my friend of a few years old of one face do not believe. Be, she does not know, although I am born in reforming and opening 1977, but no matter the country still is the home, be in 100 useless wait for promote. In memory only the white ice-lolly of those two minutes of Qian Yigen, accompany me of childhood to run on field of area hospital basketball all the time, sweet, put ice on the ice. As to 5 minutes of Qian Huangcheng's settleclear butter ice-lolly, look in the parents that serves as a worker already too too extravagant. After all, they consider everyday more it is the green vegetables on table a few o'clocks it is cheap to go buying a minute of money. Await in those days, not be to pass a part too, the flesh won't see on table.

But, enter a middle school as me, the pressure of study chases class to increase, rocket appearance changes to come insensibly on the dining table in the home. Before taking an exam every time, the mother always can make the food that I like a few kind, or chicken, or fish, the age of chief body also is when the mouth is sly -- make me satiate good-looking book. Although the dinning master of the school also is in ground of leave no stone unturned to had fried dish, but the Zhang that we do not buy him, the food that which have mom to do is sweet. Have pocket money, buy ice-cream in school doorway, baby face the sort of, have butyric taste again greatly again. Nevertheless, must eat before returning the home, otherwise, parents saw is to want blame I spend money in disorder, although be money of a few horn only.

Now, new worry still is perplexing us. Although ave lane swarmed restaurant wine shop, arrive from harbor flavour plain flavour, or it is Hunan flavour, from Japanese birthday department arrives Korea barbecue, still came French beefsteak. After coming off work, go what eating, this remains a flock of friends to headache unceasingly problem. Now cultured besides lubricious fragrance even fancy, even green, even healthy, even numerous mouth can be moved... eating another edge long-winded to wear at the same time do not have money to buy a house, pork rose in price, sunshine salary does not have allowance, the stock market drops so that did not have a law to live, the island of the dream will be hit tomorrow fold dare buy the clothes eventually... " clerk, go up dessert... how be ice-cream, cannot change a spot defatted? Cannot change a spot defatted??
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