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Extensive pattern mug-up deserves to give birth to vegetable

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"Extensive pattern refreshments is made excellent, taste diversity, get in recent years the welcome of each district consumer. " frontier says. These mug-up cent are 6 kinds big: It is evaporate of meat or fish, wait like abdomen of phoenix claw, chop, pig, sirlon; 2 it is a desert, crisp cake of ball of silk of the whip that it is an egg, coco, sweetened bean taste, ; 3 it is small basket evaporate, bag of dry like skin of famous shrimp dumpling, corrupt evaporate, seafood; The 4th it is big basket evaporate, if fork burns Chengdu of bag, grandma yellow bag, lotus to wrap,wait; The 5th kind is congee kind, if the fish gives birth to congee, chicken to give birth to congee of lean lean of egg of congee, skin to wait; Finally is decoct blast, spring roll of the dumpling that be like decoct, blast.

These mug-up look be like cabinet, but technology is sophisticated. Only shrimp dumpling, be about to pass ten working procedure, shelled fresh shrimps should use alkaline bubble, face skin wants to be mixed with boiled water; Still have Chi juice phoenix claw, need first the evaporate after scamper; The blast after spring roll is fried first... craft is trival, also brought about nutrition a large number of losses, especially water-solubility vitamin. Accordingly, best collocation gives birth to vegetable when nosh, if blueness of cold and dressed with sause is bamboo shoot silk, unripe,mix salad, mix cucumber, candy mixes tomato, in order to make up for the inadequacy of the vitamin. "Still need an attention, the congee such as congee of congee of leather egg lean lean, slices of fish meat kind contain more cholesterol and natrium, feed in order to every time a bowl small advisable. " border area reminds say.

Guangdong climate is burning hot, accordingly, poison of clear fire platoon, nourishing medicinal food soup is most common, soup of soup of earthnut pig hoof, lean lean of medlar pork liver, match with homely material with the medicinal material, boil for long make, flavour is full-bodied not fat however, benefit at digesting, suit old people drinkable. The soup residue that Bao soup leaves contains rich nutrient material, those who abandon regrettablly, might as well eat together below.

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