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Profusion salad and their handsome young man is master people

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Someone says salad is very simple, had cut the raw material of need, put some of salad sauce agitate again even, a dish delicate can give heat; Also someone says salad is very complex, making a dish of good salad is by no means easy thing. Although salad is small, inside in heaven and earth is not small however.

-- the master Liu Changrong of salad of fruit of Ou Shi, buffet

Be engaged in Western-style food chef working already 9 years, liu Changrong of division commander of deputy hutch of hall of sweet coffee of lap of hotel of imperial crown holiday says, it is very easy that I think to do cate, but been do is by no means easy thing however, the key depends on detail, for instance salad of Europe type fruit, look ten kinds of flavor are contained in be like simple salad juice. Fruit souse when, also have exquisite, hard fruit wants first souse, for instance apple, pear, Hami melon, make salad juice sufficient tasty; The time of soft fruit souse wants a few shorter, the fruit just won't be out of shape, carry for instance child, watermelon, bizarre fruit. Still have the self-help fruit salad of our dining-room, sauce of 5 kinds of salad is self-restrained, use pure natural raw material entirely, german hutch division commander makes have among them, although he already went back to the motherland, but good because of mouthfeel of this salad sauce, delay all the time so with up to now.

Can not look down upon salad, in Western-style food, salad often is being acted bring guest appetitive into play " arms of the person at the head of a procession " part. The salad mouthfeel that wants to be done is clear sweet, colour and lustre is fresh and tender, the choice that feeds capable person is very important. The action that sauce expects cannot oversight.

-- swallow take sand of fish, Kai to pull master Tang Hongqian

The ala of coffee the dining-room as Western-style style, salad is to need some dish type, inn grows Tang Hongqian to say, although most vegetable, fruit can use the salad that make, but also be not " accept everything " , the salad mouthfeel that wants to be done is clear sweet, colour and lustre is fresh and tender, but the choice that feeds capable person is crucial. If Kai scatters what in pulling, use dene,be superior collect grain lettuce, compared with general lettuce, collect grain lettuce is gotten the better of in more tastily Qing Dynasty is sweet. The mustard in salad sauce had better be usage type, the flavour of the type comparing day of French is a lot of more delicate, and smell also won't pungent.

The incisive explanation of chef of two handsome young men, whether to already take away everybody to enter the wonderful world of Western-style salad?

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