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What did the village eat in August

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What did the village eat in August

Olympic Games opening shortly, what should we use does delicate cate treat the athlete that comes from a whole world? Chinese cate culture is broad and profound, whether is Olympic Games village delicacies of every kind? To this, when BOCOG meal is in section chief to fight easy lady to accept a special report, express, "What does people have to exist to athlete of Olympic Games village very big error, think can have delicacies of every kind, the thing that actually the athlete has is very simple, kind, familiar meal ability lets an athlete have safe feeling, had basic safe feeling only, just obtain better result possibly. Just obtain better result possibly..

Who provides Olympic Games meal?

According to fighting section chief introduction, BOCOG is in charge of 83 place offer food, the training place that has 43 31 contests place, independence among them is not agonistic place with 9, park of center of broadcast of the headquarters restaurant that for instance international Olympic committee stays, athlete village, media village, international, news center, Olympic. Among them, center of broadcast of athlete village, media village, international, advocate news center basically is the meal that serves company and country by international meal service company is offerred jointly; 31 contests place serves business to offer by 6 home meal; Content of edifice of public division, number, Olympic Games Organizing Committee sheds the blame contest place such as the center to belong to apanage management, by local government choice meal serves trader, the training place that involves 43 independence in all is not agonistic place 5 times. To domestic meal supplier, basically be BOCOG puts forward requirement hind, by business affairs bureau choice food company is chosen.

Traditional and fastfood exhibit elegant demeanour greatly

Cent dining-room reveals Chinese tradition fastfood

As we have learned, 4 meal point was established inside athlete village, include advocate tea of dining-room, cent dining-room, China art with cafe, athlete water. There can be many Chinese distinguishing feature in cent dining-room among them fastfood, common and fastfood have in menu reflect. Wait for palace cake of China like Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce and pea flour cake. Nevertheless, a fermented drink made from ground beans that guesses to people, bittern is boiled, sugarcoated haws on a stick, fight section chief to tell a reporter explicitly, considering taste and seasonal problem, these are fastfood can not appear.

Besides food will be rejected

As we have learned, olympic Games village is very strict to the control of food, both neither can be taken, also cannot bring back the food outside. Fight analysis of easy section chief to say, the possibility that the athlete before the match goes out is very little, may go out to eat other food later. To this, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee can be not restricted, but do not advocate besides food to come back, this also is referenced go to the practice of an Olympic Games, for instance when Olympic Games of Sydney, Athens put an end to besides strictly also.
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