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The culture breath of capital cate bound

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The culture breath of capital cate bound

Dining-room is more and more exquisite culture breath, taste like dish more and more pursuit is elegant with nutrition

The cate bound of the capital is much abrupter a kind of intense culture breath. The design of dining-room pays attention to architectural aesthetic feeling and originality more, dish tastes the lubricious fragrance that going after itself besides, gift even a few lifestyle or literary temperament, and the figure that feeds some kind capable person rises the Logo that is dining-room, can let deadbeat feel more, eating had been the need on physiology not just, more on spirit, the demand on grade.

Kan chart is indicative the baking shrimp of division of Home Yi link

Dish tastes recommend: Advocate hitting dish to taste is " the dish side purificatory southwest " , discard the dross and select the essential, herb of water flea of stay of proceedings of ham breast fan, bacterium, curry is the fierce makings of go with rice. The most interesting is " shrimp of firebrand of the Yi nationality " , the prawn wrap up of flavor souse is inside tinfoil, hold shrimp barbecue with one's own hands, the salt Pi bang in tinfoil makes sound, the dancing appearance of enthusiasm of division of link of indicative Home Yi. Barbecue moment, shrimp flesh pink is delicious, housing garment delicacy is fragile.

Characteristic: Camp style

Of case of calm of susan · mulberry " Notes On Camp " (" bank general reading notes " ) in, special mention a word: Camp, "Kan chart " get a name from this. This word is described very hard, can be felt only.

The hall of Kan chart is deep shallow green: The antependium of the sofa with green palm, olive green, daub the colour porcelain vase with log steps leading up to a house of Liu Lu, green pink. Bricky carve patterns or designs on woodwork board the dado of make it, ground be repetitioned uses vivid flower design, form the aesthetic feeling of load one's writing with fancy phrases. Height 0.68 meters table and 0.48 meters sofa are the biggest the requirement that satisfied human body intimacy, sofa is narrow narrow armrest is for the convenience of communication.

Substantial meal also " Camp " ? Code of colourful amorous feelings dish is filled in the black crude pottery with differ exemple of length breadth ratio square dish in, strewn at random and compact spread out is on table, of course " Kan chart " .

The most god-given is, the clerk here not praise highly is active show off cleverness, the action is uniform and slow and professional, without redundant movement or utterance, resemble all around gray wall is general, conceal low-key and decorously in leading role backside.

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