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Beijing most the place to go of 5 engorge roast duck of HIGH

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Come to Beijing have to eat Beijing roast duck, do you know a capital which roast duck most characteristic? Introduce complete Beijing to you now most the place to go of 5 engorge roast duck of HIGH...

Beijing most the place to go of 5 engorge roast duck of HIGH

   Quan Jude -- take culture and name

Quan Jude can delimit with Beijing roast duck it seems that equal-sign, how cannot the history of Beijing roast duck also be the same as Quan Jude to part, " Quan Jude history word " the phylogeny that is Beijing roast duck. The flagship store that 3 Quan Jude that are located in well of government office of door of front door, peace, king are a brand, the old store of front door is the soul of Quan Jude brand.

"One furnace the fire of hundred years, casting became Quan Jude, the world the first cuddle, good name alls over China... " it is roast duck inn not only, all meal boutiques calculate inside, than Quan Jude fame is in China greatly to be afraid of is to look for the 2nd not to come out.

The old store of front door is the place that takes roast duck not only, also be the tourist attraction of travel. Upstairs advanced private room is antique, can place 30 desks banquet, still have the imperial office that welcomes foreign head of state technically, after liberating, the foreign dynast countless that Quan Jude recieves. Honoured guest can dip in with brush candy maltose water is on duck body of inscribe, the inscribe after been bake is bright and vivid, added new content again for roast duck culture.

What be worth to go most is downstair old store, the old store that restored former appearance can bring back the person the period of at the height of power and splendour of 30 time Quan Jude, listen to the Five Dynasties to pass person Yang Zongman to say, feel the jade abacus on old store bar to be able to bring happy lot. Old store still withheld the alley map of old Beijing, should be out of print. If want to seek the perception that seeks old Beijing, here is the most appropriate, pardonable some honoured guest abandon upstairs private room and the choice often is spread, wanting is the roast duck that feels to eat Quan Jude here ability is truly pure!

The taste nature of Quan Jude roast duck is spotless, piece the law is nodded by the client, what also preserved a tradition is all have a way. Lotus leaf cake revises lotus leaf figure below the proposal of Premier Zhou, hollow sesame seed cake also was done on craft improve, did not have the face heart among.

The Quan Jude of front door is a lot of people come the place of dream of round Beijing roast duck, the national capital in visit of numerous country head of state samples here Beijing roast duck. Come the person that Quan Jude has roast duck ate roast duck not only, still understood the culture of roast duck, still have the history that writes in ceaseless add.
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