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Capital Islamic cate suffers chase after hold in both hands

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Develop through hundreds years, islamic food becomes the important composition content of Chinese dish. Since reforming and opening, disentomb, large quantities of innovation, introduced one Islamic course, rich expanded Chinese meal line of business, and get attention of world meal bound fully.

Seafood of gallinaceous duck goose becomes new raw material

When the Silk Road of archaic open up, china and Arabia state have trade relations, moslem food passes into China. Inchoate Islamic food is main raw material with flesh of flocks and herds, condiment is onefold, cooking method is simple, basically be rinse, bake, boil. Now the raw material of Islamic food already not just flesh of flocks and herds of bureau be confined to, gallinaceous duck goose and seafood join the procession of Islamic, cooking method is diversification more: Decoct, fry, all of evaporate, blast has, creativity ground joined condiment precious of seafood soy, fruit, salad, butter.

The innovation that dish tastes the fastidious of rich, charge for the making of sth. is excellent, make Islamic food is the patent of the minority such as the Hui nationality, the Uygur nationality, the Kazak nationality not just, and win popular to love.

The target gets lost an international market

In recent years, islamic catering trade begins to show intense external collaboration and the desire that develop quickly.

Hold in Urumqi recently " food of 2007 China Islamic and ethical things exposition " attracted in coming from inferior the travelling merchant of the area of more than 10 provinces such as country and Ningxia, Gansu Province, Qinghai, Guangxi.

"I attend this exhibit meeting, the target is not domestic market, basically be the partner that wants to search a few abroad, past middle east, medium inferior the market goes. " Mr Yang says dealer of Xinjiang meat products. Introduce according to him, xinjiang and Kazakstan Si Tan, Dajikesitan, Jierjisisitan in inferior national border on, become the Islamic food with development good prospect to export base.

Introduce according to expert of Beijing cooking association, present Islamic food has been gone after blindly no longer " oil is heavy, lubricious flavour is heavy, heavy " , and pay attention to green health more.

Retain standardization and trait

Traditional Islamic cate basically adopts experience type cook, pay attention to lubricious fragrance, pay attention to the control of time and duration. But, method of this kind of cooking does not suit large-scale promotion. Islamic food moves toward the world, the dimensions production of standardization is imperative, and the characteristic that this kind of producer type obliterates traditional dish extremely easily to taste again.

Yang Hao of director of finite liability company says meal of building of Beijing grand guest: "We should popularize a few benefit at mastering, dish pushs the Islamic that suits promotion to be produced to standardization, but the rich sex that should assure Islamic food at the same time, traditional dish tastes the former juice raw ingredient that still should assure it, still use traditional cooking method. Still use traditional cooking method..
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