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Capital person is enraged most the street of forward position cate of flourishin

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Cate new territory under one's control " cate element " the person enrages flourishing

Brilliant red ticks off close Zong Luobo of person appetitive cole

Brilliant red ticks off close Zong Luobo of person appetitive cole

New special zone

9 fastfood and fastfood upgrade for Super Market

Last year April, room of front door corridor tears open change 2 times, old name " collective backtrack " . People is yearned for initiatively, queue up to wait a few hours, often taste to taste only. By June, tradition of 12 old Beijing is fastfood it is on the west of former residence of Song Qingling of sea of assorted Buddhist templeput on the brakes collective practice, include circle of month of Cheng Zhai, favour house, De Shunzhai, explode the Kingdom of Wei of lead horse of money of Shang Li of abdomen Feng, tea, New Year cake, sheep, cheese, jellied bean curd white, small intestine old, Da Lian baked wheaten cake, Zhang Yiyuan.

Influence: "9 fastfood " of street of bar of the sea after leaving Bacchic, brought additionally one kind however Bacchic. Fastfood come off from the life level of Peking Man go out, became an exhibition. Old Beijing tradition is fastfood Hou Jia of general manager of company of 9 traditional and fastfood finite liability says association chairman, capital, fastfood banquet is medium high-end fixed position, regard Olympic Games form a complete set as the one part of the service, advocate play travel card, basically face dweller of this locality of Beijing of tourist and rather than. When fastfood upgrade for the supermarket, fastfood make a decoration, the decoration is in flourishing hind a corner of the sea, the common people that leaves Beijing is further and further, the resident around eats without the person the bittern of 10 money is boiled, a fermented drink made from ground beans of two money.

Sea floor scoops up excellent service to compare delicate more absorbing

Sea floor is scooped up, inn of chaffy dish of a Sichuan, there are 5 branches in Beijing, be located in lane of strong pine, white paper, north respectively abstruse, peony garden, big intelligent temple. Sea floor scoops up taste to do not have too much and special, became deadbeat to heat up the dining-room that hold in both hands however 2006, everyday guest is filled with the door, want to queue up to obtain order everyday almost, its wonderful scenery resembles quite in those days boiling fish countryside.

Influence: Making what person most is not the taste here, serve however, queue up to put water, compote, melon seeds on the ice to offer a guest from time to tome free edible, card having a step offers person entertainment, beautiful shell, brush a shoe all and free. When repast, long hair schoolgirl can send the skin that plunges into a hair muscle, cloth of meal evacuation glasses, closet resembles is to come to 5 stars restaurant, the hot soya-bean milk that still has free add cup and accompanying enthusiastic speech to give the hot white towel that come over at any time... high grade service consciousness solicited numerous deadbeat, this makes the distinctive appearance 2006 almost. Explain sea floor is scooped up on one hand do well, make clear again on the other hand, the service consciousness of Beijing major dining-room is how thin, when the collective of consciousness of meal employment service in a city is abominable, sea floor is scooped up be embraced wholesale to also be in reason.
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