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24 hours of dining-room search the capital greatly

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Street of a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles does food taken late at night to give those who do name namely actually, to a lot of people, eat food taken late at night to go street of a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles is first choice, next thinkable is Jin Dingxuan, again search bowel blows abdomen ground look for, a bit difficult. From amount to of 24 hours of not much dining room distributing in light of, most storefront distributings in east the eastpart part of city, rising sun, look so, distributing not all and dining-room amount is little it is the place that 24 hours of dining-room are like person meaning very much at present. Expect 24 hours really inn can some day, do not say " blossom everywhere " , can much " open on a few " make a person glad. Chinese meal

Hide grilled fish of type secret juice

24 hours of dining-room search the capital greatly

Blunt-snout bream is sweet thick delicate always appropriate

Compare dish of another name for Guangdong Province, the taste appreciably lay particular stress on of Hubei dish, compare with photograph of its neighbour Hunan dish, not as good as latter is hot, do not have the hemp of plain dish more. Little salty, little is hot... everything is proper, midsummer is seasonal, a few feeding capable person is at that time, the opportunity such as this is allowed miss, spread out at this point with the intimate contact of Hubei dish.

Cannot not taste: Steamed blunt-snout bream, the bream that chooses Hubei to save Liang Zihu of city of state of another name for Hubei province to produce (namely round head triangular bream) , deserve to make and be become with a variety of flavoring classics evaporate, cruelly oppress fat is exquisite, shang Zhixian thick faint scent. Leader of Home Ceng Youguo tastes this dish in Wuhan much defective goods, stayed " water of ability drink Changsha, feed blunt-snout bream again " famous line, more make " steamed blunt-snout bream " famous China and foreign countries, become Wuhan area main name dish. In inn of street of 9 eagles a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles, one of fascia dish are steamed blunt-snout bream of course.

Speak of skin of 3 bright beanses, it rudes absolutely color is mixed at hamburger pizza. Of fabaceous skin " beans " must be exuviate gram; Of fabaceous skin " skin " must be purificatory rice oar; The stuffing of fabaceous skin, must be Hunan produces polished glutinous rice; The 3 delicacy of fabaceous skin must be fresh pork, bright stay of proceedings and Xian Sun; The form of fabaceous skin, must be square and thin; The color of fabaceous skin, must be gold and yellow; The flavour of fabaceous skin, must be sweet and drunk. Still having a food is bamboo slip chop, love.

Grilled fish Tibetan type is listening fresh
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