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Savour the park dining-room of the capital

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Savour the park dining-room of the capital

See willow supple, light of overlook place wave is crystalline. In the depth of capital park, the under cover that lie between a window a few antique dining-room, or be advocate cate of battalion feudal official, or it is to specialize in palace dish department, although be " be in personally boudoir " hand in an inconvenience even, but as before Mu Ming person be like the cloud, of course its price and class also are not place of ordinary common people can look forward to and.

Characteristic one palace

The copy board restaurant that goes to park of the North sea from the restaurant of shop audition Li of the Summer Palace, arrive from the Sichuan restaurant of respectful Wang Fu the court dining-room of laurel public government office, the course of jade food hall Home Tan that joins young lake park, taste to dish to anecdotes from the environment arrive again the master of be the chef, have bit of background more or less, and these setting have some of responsibility with palace, feudal official in the main.

Sheet says source, the audition of the Summer Palace Li house is kind happiness mother of an emperor originally xenial foreign country makes official, carry the place of drink of playgoing of numerous minion the wife of a prince aing concubine of an emperor, banquet, listening to Li house up to now still is carved beams and painted rafters inside restaurant, palace lantern is hanged high, most the birthday banquet that distinctive passes menu of room of board of Summer Palace birthday and summary of data of palace food archives to come out namely and medicinal food; And the predecessor of copy board restaurant of park of the North sea is room of board of clear palace drive, it is the place of mess of the wife of a prince after be being reached for the emperor only, cause is in formerly after the experienced worker of v of drive board room people establish restaurant, what use up to now is bright yellow tablecloth, napkin, chair cover, "A long life " china of copy clear palace. Its are the famousest look after the house dish is " Man Hanquan banquet " ; And the jade food hall of young lake park, those who hit is " dish of feudal official of Home Qing Daitan " fascia, leisurely of the Gule inside dining-room, roll shade hangs low, tableware also all gold a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center is brilliant.

Fasten from dish for, these high-grade park dining-room all are given priority to with running palace dish, feudal official course, pay attention to former juice raw ingredient, not hesitate with makings, the commonnest practice is boiler of coal tub stew, gas, juice is burned, feed material to also cannot leave the keyword such as Bao of fim, jade, Guan Yan, soup-stock, medicinal food.

Characteristic is 2

Since locates " high " , dining-room of a lot of parks also establishs the rule that has his normally, deadbeat of not be up to sb to decide follows sexual play, masterpiece is the banquet of whole set more, suit business affairs fete, wedding breakfast and birthday banquet most. The guest with little number can choose the individual formula that has matched in inn, but do not support at 0 o'clock. It is with dish of jade food hall Home Tan exemple, the is one a complete set of feudal official dish on menu, and execute minute of eat entirely, every deadbeat is one dish one implement, with the desk on coal tub; In copy board restaurant, even if fastfood also do not support at 0 o'clock, is " complete work " palace dish formula (also include fastfood breed) among them, nevertheless the if have avoid certain food,perhaps does not like food inside menu is tasted, the guest can choose coequal price dish to taste undertake displacement. The masterpiece that only can offer what operate neatly is copy board restaurant " Man Hanquan banquet is handpick " , this heats up 48 dish, cold meats 134 times many times 20 to reach what choose in all sorts of mug-up from Man Hanquan banquet " elite " can nod by exemple sheet; Listening to Li shop restaurant, draw materials from court life banquet " banquet of a long life " , " banquet of Fu Lushou happiness " those who wait for a basis is " the bill that hand down " , the bag desk dish of other items also has fixed menu. Only is convenient of deadbeat is to be besides bag desk, restaurant of shop audition Li also provides individual formula, the price from 68 yuan / the person goes to 188 yuan / the person differs.
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