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Capital most 10 cate street of fire

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Street the symbol that is a city. Nowadays, increasing the cate sign that had the cate street of characteristic to become Beijing already each. No matter it is vogue or of primitive simplicity, no matter it is piquancy dye-in-the-wood costly still and high-grade, it is the indispensable one part in life of our Peking Man...

Star road cate street

NO.1 star road cate street

The most accident cate street

Lai too feminine street there have a bit road, let think all the time go Lai is to shop too the people that buys a flower to perhaps buy the clothes calls greatly accident. Star region public house, cafeteria gathers together, solemned street of a cate. Look by day flatter, so lively however in the evening that be no good. The store that a few star open, the restaurant of Sichuan ground fokelore that for instance jade of bright and beautiful garment eats bar, Ren Quan very popular over. In addition, the couple water balladry of gust of the red Beijing fish that still has Sichuan local color, Yunnan, and various Japan arrange, Korea arrange, still southeast Asia dish, Italy dish, Africa dish is waited a moment. Basically your thinkable, think of to eat, have over there all sorts of gust, often see the car that hanging diplomatic mission license plate comes in and go out among them.

Must say: Special recommend to cry " green Song Yuan " Japanese arrange, the place is not great, the price is not high also, but flavour is very good.

Capital most 10 cate street of fire

Oriental square

NO.2 Oriental square

The most fashionable cate street

The Oriental square that is located in well of king government office is all the time with the assemble world famous brand and celebrated Shoppingmall. Last month, oriental square " feed exceeding lofty or great " cate market practice, those who go also is international course, assemble the Japan, Singapore, United States, Italy dining room that has exoticism and snack bar, plus its original cate market, oriental square had become area of well of king government office cannot the cate region of small look.

If you think the edge rambles,the edge eats, the Roman graceful ice-cream that can taste handiwork to make perhaps comes a cold drink of silk of actor root Fu; If consider snack, the Braun of the candy of Ai Ke emperor that can let Switzerland or United States is candied, still the fleshy doing with beautiful sweet precious helps you satisfy a craving for delicious food; Go tired to sit come down to be used slow, the various nutrition formula that one tea takes, substantial flavour 1000 pull face, standing grain green day type dish, constantly happy delicate barbecue, still have Le Jie person, 100 get the better of hutch to wait a moment, make your appetite big leave absolutely.
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