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Father should have fat

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, I arrive leave home the high school on 30 lis county, general half month returns the home.

Return the home from the school once, parents go to the fields worked, I start work make dinner. See there is a flesh on wall, take look, it is fat almost. Just, the oilcan in the home sees an end quickly, I cut the flesh decoct is oily. Leave the oil residue that come, golden and golden, dip in dot salt puts the mouth in, chew rise cough up cough up noisy.

Parents just comes back from the ground till time of hold a lamp in one's hand. Father saw a table, terrified, the face that laughing all the time is like some inflexible. But what didn't father say, sighed, say: "Eat! " the meal since end is immersed oneself in eat. It is hungry that father is shown urgent, big mouth is big pharynx is worn meal, I can hear him to swallow meal in abdomen even, send bubble bubbling sound.

Come home the next time, parents still is in the ground. I pull an arm to wash boiler to cook. Go picking food in the ground, see there is a flesh on the wall, also be fat completely, I wash it, cut thin a thin piece put the simmer in water in boiler.

Parents still is the ability when curtain of night arrives return the home. I open the lid on the table, observe father's complexion secretly at the same time. Cannot think of, father complexion sinks, pursy brows for a long time is not loose. He was to sigh heavily: "Eat! " take voracious.

Have a lot of times later, until have a meal, father always is very grouchy. Nevertheless, what did he say.

This day, I come back from the school, should starting work cook, suddenly discovery is putting a piece of scrip on the table. I am taken look, askew writes above: Wei, you cook good meal, wait for pa to come back to cook food. See hand, it is the word that father takes for certain. My meaning according to father, do good meal, after picking food, waiting for their knock off to come back. Can wait ah wait, parents has not come back. I am then act on one's own, had cooked food placed desk.

Just, parents was returned at this moment. I put away cap say: "Pa, have a meal! " father saw a table, complexion changes: "Am I to let you wait for me to come back to cook food? Read so much book, these a few words does not understand? " I had not seen father is so loud conversation, aghast. The mother pushs father to say: "Went, eat quickly! " I stay to standing slow-wittedly, the tear of grievance is being hit in the eye turn, twist head, the meal also did not have ran back to a room.

After getting up the following day, father has involved the field below the ox. I ask a mother: "Pa last night how? " the mother says: "It doesn't matter, your pa works too painstaking, get angry it doesn't matter, do not put on the heart... " I know, father got angry last night come to me for certain, be determined to say: "Not, you tell Mom me certainly, it is my err what, later I am good change! " the mother appears very shy, fumble the ground says: "Your pa -- he ah, he is greediness! " I am stupefied be stupefied the ground looks at a mother, still do not understand in the heart. The mother sighed gently, say: "Your pa goes out everyday energetically, shed kubla khah, a bit grease in abdomen is done not have. God-given and redemptive flesh, your pa wants to eat a fat, but you every time decoct oily, you are eating those oil residue sweet, but no matter use,your pa tastes, do not have grease ah... " my terrified lived, the feeling in the heart was perversed by the needle. Be in the school, there is bit of fat in dish, I am carried come out to throw away. Cannot think of, this became the extravagant matter of father most welcome however.
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