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Pork ham bowel lasts agent YC9-6-2

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Release time: 2008-5-14 16:57:34
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-6-13 16:57:34
----------------------------------------------Amount: A large number of
----------------------------------------------Pack: Along with client demand
----------------------------------------------The price: Report is discussed
----------------------------------------------Norms: Additive agent for food
----------------------------------------------The number that browse: 81
---------------------------------------------- Wuhan closes in type of biochemical mill business: Other is active index: 15 management mode: Manufacturer establishs time: 1991 register capital: RMB 10 million yuan / year - 50 million yuan / year
Contact: Li Gongxia (gentleman)Phone: 027-62007866 mobile telephone: 13016442004 faxes: 027-68886691 seat: Road of Zhongshan of area of prosperous of fierce of city of Wuhan of city of Wuhan of area of Hubei fierce prosperous 496 network address: Http:// postcode: 430064
Define Range of this product curb bacterium is wide, the effect is lasting, security is high, can improve the colour and lustre of ham bowel and special flavor effectively, have defend water, fight oxidize and heighten the multiple effect such as ham bowel character, can reduce inferior the use quantity of sodium nitrate, solve ham bowel effectively ache slightly and bilge the common problem such as bag.