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Luoyang supplies jet rice CS

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Release time: 2008-5-19 9:03:51
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-8-17 9:03:51
----------------------------------------------Amount: Do not be restricted
----------------------------------------------Pack: Do not be restricted
----------------------------------------------The price: Agreed
----------------------------------------------Norms: High grade, full, look is simple
----------------------------------------------The number that browse: 54
---------------------------------------------- Agriculture of Luoyang fleabane county serves department business kind: Dressing is active index: 26 management mode: Manufacturer establishs time: 2005 register capital: RMB 1 million yuan / year the following
Contact: Zhang Yanwei (gentleman)Phone: 037966386369 mobile telephones: 13523619161 faxes: Seat: Network address of rural area of area of library of county of fleabane of city of Luoyang of city of Luoyang of Henan fleabane county: Http://sx2008.cn.legoo.com postcode: 471400
Define Jet rice is a kind of of corn special kind, layer of cutin of its seed bead is different melanin of level land precipitation, the exterior is pitch-black shine. Jet rice not only colour and lustre is distinctive, and nutrition is rich, sweet sticky goluptious, most appropriate delicacy is fed. Protein of the microelement that seed bead contains a lot ofwater-solubility melanin to reach all sorts of human body to need, vegetable and all sorts of amino acid, nutrient content is apparent prep above is other corn crop. Flexible package of burnt " of rice of jet of the " of congee of " jet rice that machines for main raw material with its, " , " is fresh and tender corn marvellous " .
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