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Black agaric pink

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Release time: 2008-8-6 16:17:53
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---------------------------------------------- Zhejiang big hill combines line of business of stay of proceedings type of limited company enterprise: Health food is active index: 68 management mode: Manufacturer establishs time: 1996 register capital: RMB 5 million yuan / year - 10 million yuan / year
Contact: Mr Mao (gentleman)Phone: 0578-6122496 mobile telephone: Fax: Seat: Zhejiang celebrates yuan of county Zhejiang of beautiful water city saves beautiful water city to celebrate network address of yuan of area of prefectural industry garden: Http://www.mushroom-king.com postcode: 323800
[summarize] black agaric is the edible bacterium with a kind of rich nutrition, it is the health food of our country tradition and export goods. Its alias is very much, because grow on corrupt wood, the ear of person of its be similar in shape, friend name agaric; Be like moth butterfly jade to stand again, renown wood moth; Be like chicken because of its flavour delicious, reason machine of Yi Mingshu chicken, wood (Gu Nachu's person says chicken is machine) : The agaric of heavy valve is enchased each other on the tree, just like every piece cloud drift, have Yun Er again say. People often the agaric of edible, basically have two kinds: One kind is n flowing, color is black, and of gray of rear much Mao Cheng or dust-colour, agaric weighing wool (appellative wild agaric) ; Another kind is a try to please both parties slippery, black Brown, translucent, call smooth agaric. Wool wood ear is bigger, but thick pliable but strong of quality of a material, not easy chew, flavour not beautiful, the price is low. Smooth agaric is qualitative soft taste is little, slip and take bright, nutrition is rich, it is a kind when a large number of artificial cultivating, this book place says black agaric points to smooth agaric namely. The contemporary and officinal research of black agaric only then at 20 centuries 80 time, discover in abroad it has the effect that restrains person plaque to gather significantly, cause attention thereby. Be in at present prevent hypertensive, coronary heart disease, diabetic the research respect that waits for disease medicaments and health food, the research of black agaric is more conspicuous.
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