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Sanitarian condiment is sweet be good at element

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Release time: 2007-11-20 21:41:27
----------------------------------------------Period of efficacy: 2008-2-18 21:41:27
---------------------------------------------- Pack:
---------------------------------------------- The price: 12 yuan
----------------------------------------------Norms: 50 grams / bag 18X12cm
----------------------------------------------The number that browse: 272
---------------------------------------------- Xian Yang contains type of enterprise of cooperation of major of fruit vegetables farmer newly: Dressing is active index: 3 management mode: Manufacturer establishs time: Register capital:
Contact: Mr Kong()Phone: 029-36819757 mobile telephone: 13109605505 faxes: Seat: Network address of outskirt of north of Qin Dou district of city of Shaanxi salty this world: Http:// postcode: 712000
Define This company fist product, unique produce extracts content " sweet be good at element " , it is product of patent of blank of world of a fill. Sweet be good at always results from a variety of plant part of the extraction such as Chinese prickly ash, medlar, saline cistanche, tuckahoe, collect flavors, recuperation health care, take medicine with water is muti_function at an organic whole, with one action is much, it is people not just a very important foundation dressing in daily life, and have outstanding Medical Protection effect, basically reflect in: Enhance immune power, defer consenescence; Improve Morpheus, appetizing be good at lienal, counteractive bacterium enroach on; Eliminate toxin, hairdressing is raised colour; Maintain the soda acid inside body to be waited a moment evenly. Be a kind old little all the health food of appropriate, actually it has made health food group an ablaze star, become an innumberable families to be tasted necessarily.
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