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Drink of food of international of the 7th 2008 Guangzhou is packed reach process

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Drink of food of international of the 7th 2008 Guangzhou is packed reach processing technique exhibition

2008-5-6 13:22:0The 8 numbers that browse: 196 origin: 

Time: 2008Year9Month5-7Day Place: Guangzhou international conference exhibits a center (wide reach meeting Pa continent house)Constituent unit: Industry of food of famous brand of China of government of people of city of Guangzhou of GUANGZHOU FAIR 2008 promotes 100 million sail of city of Guangzhou of office of efforts of meeting Guangzhou city to show service limited companyUndertake unit: 100 million sail of Guangzhou city show service limited companySupport an unit: Hong Kong is proud dragon exhibits package machine of China of association of food of company Taiwan health to design technical association Introductive: As day of our country economy beneficial development expands, food drink is packed reach processing technique industry with year all 18% speed develop, especially the country is in the strategic industry that “ locates food industry at affecting the people's livelihood in 915 ” plan, increase policy to give aid to with finance allowance, will pack for food drink reach processing technique industry long-term development provides tremendous business chance and huge market space. Develop to promote industry health, strengthen industry international to communicate, reveal an industry to equip new technology, new achievement, newly, drink of food of international of Guangzhou of the 7th “ is held to pack in Guangzhou international exhibition center reach ” of processing technique exhibition (When sponsorring exposition of food of international of the 7th Guangzhou and high grade produce to be the same as with government of Guangzhou city people, hold together) . Guangzhou is Chinese economy, commerce and financial center, it is industry of our country food main production base and commerce consumption center, be close to stage HongKong and Macow and southeast Asia, have action of radiate of extremely strong economy and advantageous situation, develop through 7 years, we accumulate many experience, will increase action business and propagandist strength further, expand extend meeting influence, postpone the trade grand meeting that can do Gao Shuiping. We expect your participation, let us be achieved in all hand in hand comprehensive double win! Share tomorrow brilliant! Extend house advantage: Center of exhibition of Guangzhou international conference is the Asia is the biggest exhibit a center internationally, it is wide hand in the meeting is permanent hold ground, be located in Guangzhou “ city deputy in area ” , it is building of Guangzhou mark sex. Have Hua Na the express, east annulus high speed, new harbor east the road forms freeway network and subway 2 lines are handed in from 4 lines collect make subway net. Have enlightened tens of public transportation line, communication is very easy. Exhibit a house to have exceed large-scale area (400 thousand square metre) , freeboard reveals a space (13 meters of clear height) . Exhibition hall design is reasonable, establishment of of all kinds form a complete set is perfect, current exhibit can be in Pa continent exhibits a house to hold will meet to exhibit change development to lay next solid foundations to the brand. Audience organization: 1. Current exhibit can get Guangzhou municipal government and relevant section support energetically, with daily of Guangdong TV station, Shenzhen TV station, Guangzhou, Yang Cheng evening paper, southern Metropolis Daily, phoenix is defended inspect, cooperative whole journey reports the media such as Hong Kong big bulletin, reach bus advertisement, large and outdoors advertisement to put in, will attract major of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan the audience looks around before 100 thousand person purchase. 2. As cross-strait “ the process of 3 ” is accelerated, overseas exhibits support of firm tripartite balance of forces to fall, will increase strength to invite travelling merchant of area of and other places of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, at the same time the key invites the professional audience such as France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Korea, United States, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia. 3. Professional exhibition engineers origanization construction to undertake, build reveal goodly trade platform, adopt short message platform, have powerful agency database to participate in interactive, person specially assigned for a task is in charge of visitting business to release mobile phone short message and email to relevant target regularly. 4. Professional media publicizes: Industry of food of net of newspaper of the Chinese food newspaper, China newspaper that pack, Chinese food quality, Baidu, Google, Alibaba, food associate, grocer trade net, Hui Cong, " food industry science and technology " " China. 5.
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