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Chinese · is northward (international) food fair and bender of 2008 Shandong ca

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Chinese · is northward (international) food fair and bender of 2008 Shandong candy

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Chinese · is northward (international) food fair and bender of 2008 Shandong candy
The government is sponsorred, guild assist do, major exhibits house, strong media to undertake jointly
[exhibit meeting preface]
Food is the corporeal data that human Lai Yisheng is put and multiplies, food industry is the life industry of human society. Come 10 years, chinese food industry with annual the speed of 20% above increases by degrees. The growth rate 2007 already exceeded 30% , total production value already broke through 3 trillion yuan, take gross domestic product 10% the left and right sides. Among them, north is China's biggest production and consumptive area, have a field chain of wide, industry long, food market of resourceful, spending is huge wait for a characteristic. Shandong regards the economy of foreland of our country the eastpart part as strong province, in the development of food industry respect speed lets the world fix eyes upon, production and sale occupy countrywide first place 15 years continuously, as the move of industry of Asia-Europe state food to Shandong and development, shandong has become international food production, treatment, distributing center center, it is northward market of development China of food industry businessman, fight for throne elect diving board surely!
“ China · is northward (international) the demand that food fair and ” of bender of 2008 Shandong candy catered to current trade to develop quickly just about, in collect bender of all previous candy and fair of domestic and international food succeed on the foundation of experience, promote industrial culture with “ , lead an industry harmony of development, innovation social ” gives priority to a problem; Show gain with “ , promote communication, stimulative trade, breed brand ” to be a tenet; Hold to “ government to sponsor, industry assist do, alliance does the principle that extends ” ; Give priority to body with the enterprise, demand of active understanding market, adopt join the feedback that postpone business proposal, raise major to serve a level, expand to be publicized external, breed industry brand. Strive to make current mass rally become north of base oneself upon, face the whole nation, radiation day Han, linkage specializations Euramericanly, the brand is changed, the food industry distinguished gathering of internationalization!
[previous term or session is exhibited can review]
Non-staple food Fair attracted spirits of 2007 Shandong sugar to come from Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, Shaanxi, harbor, bay, the ginseng of nearly 400 enterprises of the country such as the domestic area such as the stage and United States, Korea, Japan, Germany is exhibited, set international to exhibit area, famous brand to exhibit area, food to exhibit area, drink to exhibit area, culture to exhibit an area 5 exhibit an area greatly, exhibition area amounts to 30000 square metre, visiting number is close 100 thousand person, exhibit can clinch a deal the forehead amounts to 1 billion yuan, join the satisfaction that postpone business to spend amount to 90% above, made a high standards, high administrative levels, cost-effective “ internationalization, brand successfully change, specialization the Shandong candy food and drink of ” tastes industry distinguished gathering, promoted industry of sugar spirits non-staple food and the development that I save relevant economy effectively.
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