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The 4th China (Tianjin) international flesh kind industrial exhibition

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The 4th China (Tianjin) international flesh kind industrial exhibition

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Can exhibit a name: The 4th China (Tianjin) international flesh kind industrial exhibition

Cloth extends time: 2008-10-25~2008-10-26

Show time: 2008-10-27~2008-10-29

Remove extend time: 2008-10-29 16:00

Establish time: 2004

Be in an area: Tianjin city

Can exhibit place: Tianjin seaside international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit:

Association of Chinese food industry

Association of industry of Tianjin city food

Tianjin city packs technical association

Constituent unit:

Tianjin Zhen Wei shows limited company

Exhibit meeting cycle: A year

Can exhibit a description:

Economy of China of Tianjin seaside — grows triode

Tianjin is located in position of center of annulus Bohai Sea, it is the coastal and open city with our country the biggest north and economic center, international boat far center and international content shed a center. Tianjin seaside new developed area relies on Beijing ferry look forward to, serve annulus Bohai Sea, radiation 3 north, the face is northeast inferior, the research and development that is advanced manufacturing industry and transform base. Increase ceaselessly to the investment of seaside new developed area as the country, new round of development opens upsurge to be being lifted, only seaside new developed area secured investment to finish forty-eight billion nine hundred and eighty-nine million yuan 7 years first half of the year. 500 strong companies of world, thick as hail, end 7 years to there already was 128 settles new developed area on December 31.

Whole nation of 8 years on two meetings, seaside new developed area makes the central point that just pays close attention to each, domestic and international media had a large number of stories from different point of view. An exuberant, prosperity is like bright and beautiful after seaside new developed area is sure to become Pudong of Shenzhen of our country afterwards, Shanghai, economy grows triode.

Flesh of future of — of Bohai Sea of the annulus that grab a beach kind industrial commanding elevation

Food industry reachs circumjacent area in annulus Bohai Sea development is very driving. As we have learned, end 2006, business of industry of food of above of Shandong province dimensions amounts to gross value of industrial output of 4785 food that finish four hundred and thirty-nine billion nine hundred and forty-three million yuan. 21.85% what take countrywide food industry, implementation product sales revenue four hundred and twenty-four billion four hundred and eighty-six million yuan, 21.65% what take the throughout the country. The gross value of industrial output of food industry, sales revenue all occupies countrywide first place; Company of above of dimensions of industry of Heibei province food is close 1000, sales revenue of food industry product already amounted to 104 billion yuan, rank the whole nation the 7th, saving stride by force to food industry by food industry big province; 2006 Henan food industry first comprehensive strength of year of whole nation of sales revenue push forward with one hundred and fifty billion nine hundred and sixty million yuan before 3, the food company of dimensions above 1799, year sales revenue exceeds 100 million yuan enterprise to have 195, formed wholer modern industry system.
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