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International food reachs food equipment exposition

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International food reachs food equipment exposition

2008-5-29 10:39:0The 5 numbers that browse: 181 origin: 

Extend meeting time: On Feburary 23, 2009- - on Feburary 26, 2009

Show a location: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to world trade centre

Sponsor an unit: Dubai World Trade Centre(L.L.C)

Limits of item on display :
Food drink: Food of food of wine of beverage, smoke, biscuit, candied, produce, convenient food, quick frozen food, green, health food, infant, potted food, flesh kind taste, greens of products of oil of birds goods, dairy produce, dressing, grain, dry Xian Guo, roast food, recreational food,
Hotel facilities: Hotel things reachs device; Bake appliance; Tableware of kitchen utensils and appliances; Last equipment; Refrigerant refrigerating equipment
Mechanical equipment: Food machines machinery; Furnish of food label, bag has; Cold drink machinery; Carnivorous machines machinery; Detect, test equipment; Encoder

Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Enlighten the beauty that does obeisance to element to have ” of Hong Kong of “ middle east praise, it is the financial economy center of whole middle east. She with its free and loose economic policy, advantaged situation, perfect the infrastructure of all ready, become the traffic hub with middle east the mainest area and the biggest trade centre. Action of her “ center ” passes immediate impact bay 6 countries, on the west inferior the terminal market of 7 countries, Africa and European south country, and radiation reachs whole world medium 1.4 billion population. China is right enlighten the exit that do obeisance to basically is given priority to with food, the place such as food of birds of of all kinds produce, cultivate, Islamic, beverage holds proportion bigger.

Wonderful reviewing:
Gulfood only then achieve 1987, sponsor unit Dubai World Trade Centre(L.L.C) . It is equipment of hotel and the provision with the largest area of middle east North Africa, food is exhibited. According to the report, this area exceeds the food of 90% and relevant product to count an import completely, together with this area income is tall, big to food demand, had made a mainer and mainer provision and beverage market. Previous term or session 2006 exhibit the meeting is mutual come from 500 many exhibit a group 1304 enterprises ginseng exhibits 44 countries and area, they come from the United States respectively, england, france, germany, hungarian, italy, spain, belgian, canada, australia, new Zealand, thailand, taiwan, egypt, iran. Exhibit an area 40000 much square metre, the ginseng that register meets nearly 15000 professional public figures. Exhibit meeting site to clinch a deal last 45 much U.S. dollors, increase than in former years 18% . Predict to was joined 2008 exhibit business to will increase 3 into, predict to clinch a deal the forehead can break through 5 billion U.S. dollor.
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