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Bender of 2008 Zhengzhou candy

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Bender of 2008 Zhengzhou candy

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Climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people all is in bender of 2008 Zhengzhou candy

Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Xiaogong) according to coming from organizing committee of bender of 2008 Zhengzhou candy newest released information, already had up to now come from on domestic and international even more 1000 brands attended current Fair, well-known trademark has inside its China: Wine of series of Maotai series, wine of 5 grain fluid, man wine series, well lane, complete promote wine, alley child beer of wine of treasure of kidney of wine of hero of bishop of cellar wine, Xi Feng wine, Du Kang wine, a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang, Great Wall, heaven and earth, fur seal, Qingdao, winebibber.

The Zhengzhou candy bender this year will be held in Zhengzhou international exhibition center, should exhibiting a house is the exhibition that at present domestic exclusive sanitation reachs level of 5 stars grade, exhibit a house to design grandiose and easy, structure beauty of reasonable, circumjacent environment, communication is easy, it is the optimal place that Zhengzhou holds of all kinds and large activity.

Bender of 2008 Zhengzhou candy came 30 days to hold on July 28 surely, it is to choose be in close from the Mid-autumn Festival a half-moon time, be agency of countrywide each district, group buys the optimal time that order goods at this moment, this also is the main reason that numerous production company attends current Fair actively.

Organizing committee for Fair of current sugar spirits more hasten specializations, decide the corresponding period holds cocktail party of friendship of manufacturing company and sale agent business, agency couplet, during Fair 28-29 day two days by the organizing committee [invitation] open to professional personage only, 30 days round-the-clock open for the public look around. In the meantime, to add effective major the audience is measured, the organizing committee plans to be in the last ten-day of a month arrived all the time in June exhibit can kick off, expedite car of drive of 6 people group to save 18 ground city to reach in Henan on the way prefectural home village or town undertakes face-to-face respectful send invitation to invite look around. Past service invitations card before assemble of each big provision terminal market that additionally arrangement person specially assigned for a task goes to Shandong province, Heibei province, Shaanxi province, Shanxi province, the Anhui province, Hubei to visit town of and other places, agency is street, invite look around.
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