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Fair of food of 2008 China International enrols business hot

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Fair of food of 2008 China International enrols business hot

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By Chinese trade hurried is met light industrial industry branch and Chinese food industry (group) the ” of fair of food of “2008 China International that the company sponsors on December 2008 23-25 day is in (Beijing) countrywide agriculture exhibition is held.

Current exposition shows an area nearly 20 thousand square metre, item on display involves “ alcoholic drink kind, lacteal category, farming food of by-product, green, dressing, candied cake, health care is tasted and the name such as ” of the facilities of food raw material, treatment that pack actors or actress brand product appearances concentration especially appear, show the new development of industry of our country food, new success in the round. The brigade ” that new product of ” of forum of height of “ international food, “ still will hold to show health of green of comment on ” , “ during attending the meeting and characteristic of “ different region show the activity of relevant business affairs such as ” .

Prepare from fair of food of 2008 China International up to now, got various government and relevant section support energetically, the orgnaization outside coming from the condition such as Spain, Italy, Korea, Vietnam at the same time already formed a delegation in succession book exhibit, the food society that still has nearly 20 countrywide province areas and relevant organization also form a delegation in succession obligate exhibit.

Fair of China International food is below the main support of numerous industry origanization construction and enterprise, believe it can be become drive the food industry development, high-quality goods authority that shows brand elegant demeanour grand meeting. Welcome to arrive at our grand meeting at the appointed time, hang down ask can be exhibited!

On May 5, 2008

Fair of China International food