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Fair of food of 2008 China International

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Fair of food of 2008 China International

2008-5-30 8:59:5The 4 numbers that browse: 166 origin: 

Time: 2008.12.23-25

Exhibition of agriculture of whole nation of · of Chinese · Beijing


Exhibit with brand of global food commerce meeting For the enterprise development creates infinite business chance

Ginseng extend range:

● wine kind: Alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice of liquor, beer, yellow rice or millet wine, bishop, fruit;

● milkings beverage: Juice of dish of dairy produce, beverage, carbonic acid beverage, mineral water, fruit, tea;

● farming by-product: Oil of tea, grain, fruit, bean products reachs other produce;

● green food: Have green food mark, organic food mark, wait without produce of social effects of pollution, natural, original unripe provision;

● flavors food: Makings of soy, sauce, eat vinegar, sauce, flavor wine;

● candied cake: Candied, cake, confiture, potted, convenient staple food, recreational food;