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The 5th 2008 China farming, by-product (Shanghai) purchase Fair

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The 5th 2008 China farming, by-product (Shanghai) purchase Fair

2008-6-6 10:40:0The 5 numbers that browse: 175 origin: 

And special purchases for the Spring Festival is purchased, group of Spring Festival welfare is bought meeting

Invitation letter

Advocate, undertake unit: Shanghai Fu Mao shows service limited company

Cooperative unit: Jiangxi province agronomy is association of treatment of industry of food of meeting, China, medium stage collaboration communicates association

Support an unit: By-product of group of medium of Shanghai article wide news, Shanghai farming machines industrial association

Nod showpiece: Shanghai exhibits a center(The road in Yan'an1000Date Nanjing on the west road1333Date)

Mobile theme: Strengthen cooperation, promote trade, promotion brand

◆ preface

In recent years, secondary industry of our country farming gets swift and violent development. Improve as production, market, carriage technology ceaselessly, the share that the trading business volume of Chinese farming by-product exports the forehead to go up in the international market especially is rising all the time, by-product of our country farming and its goods exit were achieved 2007 collect nearly 20 billion dollar.
China regards agriculture as big country, at present a few thousand more than 10000 domestic farming by-product produce a business, farming by-product crop and export volume all occupy countrywide first place. 2008 China farming by-product (Shanghai) exhibition will farming organic ground combines the numerous industry on secondary industry catenary and brand rise, concentration is revealed domestic and international farming new breed of secondary industry and equipment of deep processing technique, new technology, new facility, satisfy at the need of the market. At the same time to prosperous place economy, make farming product of secondary deep treatment makes agricultural economy the new point of growth, international market competition ability that enhances by-product of our country farming also have important sense.
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