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Fair of food of health of nutrition of 2008 Shanghai international

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Fair of food of health of nutrition of 2008 Shanghai international

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The corresponding period holds ChinaNutrition, healthy food industry grows forum

Invitation letter

Sponsor an unit: Shanghai Fu Mao shows service limited company

Cooperative unit: Chinese food industry is treatment association, medium association of stage collaboration communication, Jiangxi saves agronomy to meet

Support an unit: Association of food of nutrition of green of association of association of European healthy food, Taiwan nutrition food, United States

Showpiece time: On December 19, 2008 —22 day

Nod showpiece: Shanghai exhibits a center (the road in Yan'an 1000 Nanjing on the west road 1333)

Mobile theme: Strengthen cooperation, promote trade, promotion brand

◆ preface

World Health Organization (WHA) an investigation that announce makes clear, whole world inferior personal classics holds the proportion of healthy population 75% . Rise ceaselessly as people living standard, the prandial structure that people takes our country dweller seriously more and more to health is in dress warmly and ear one's fill to arrive comparatively well-off transition period, the reasonable to nutrition, food demand that accords with healthy demand is very pressing. Food production should pay attention to the new product with development nutrition scientific and reasonable collocation, develop nutrient aggrandizement food and health food, want to lack disease service to prevent nutrition already, the disease of chronic blame infectivity that should cause because of nutrient unbalance to prevent again serves. Future industry of healthy food of 10 years of whole worlds will with year all the speed of 10% develops, healthy food is one of key trades that industry of 21 centuries food expands. According to our country economy development and dweller receive person level to analyse, healthy food development is having larger space, the sales revenue that predicts healthy 2010 provision should occupy food industry to sell the 20% above of amount at least.
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