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Exported Japanese food specification to be able to be held in Harbin 2008

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Exported Japanese food specification to be able to be held in Harbin 2008

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“ welcomes Chinese enterprise to understand demand of Japanese food market, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in also welcoming develops Japanese food market. ” exports Japanese food specification 15 days to be able to go up in what Harbin city holds, commerce of senior expert, Japan revitalizes Japanese food industry Mr Tian Yiping introduces adviser of orgnaization aricultural aquatic product so.

Communicate to promote Sino-Japanese food industry, promote market of mutual development food, in Heilongjiang government office of the civil administration that save a person and Japanese commerce revitalize orgnaization joint efforts to fall, exported Japanese food specification to be able to be held in Harbin 2008. Japanese commerce revitalizes many personage of the orgnaization to come to Harbin, undertake communicating negotiating with Chinese enterprise.

Mr Tian Yiping attended this specification to meet technically, he undertook explaining with respect to the demand of market of the development change of Japanese food industry, food not only, still introduced Japanese food to Chinese enterprise current current situation and system of Japanese food import.

Negotiate as trade of classics of international of the 19th Harbin the one part of the meeting, food of the grain oil that the specification can attract exit Japan food to come from Chinese each district, green reachs beverage to wait for many 100 relevant enterprise, these companies are right market of concerned Japan food and compasses of relevant Food Sanitation Law undertook communicating, a lot of China enterprises show great interest to food market of Japan.

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