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Nourishment of the 5th 2008 international · healthy food and organic product (G

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Nourishment of the 5th 2008 international · healthy food and organic product (Guangzhou) exhibition

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Healthy food of · of nourishment of the 5th international reachs CINHOE 2008 organic product (Guangzhou) exhibition

And nutrient industry raw material, technology and equipment exhibition

Time: September 2008 5-7 day Place: Guangzhou international conference exhibits a center (wide reach meeting Pa continent house)

Constituent unit: International of state-operated estate industry communicates association Hong Kong to be proud dragon exhibits association of food of company Taiwan health in

Undertake unit: 100 million sail of Guangzhou city show service limited company

Support an unit: Xinjiang shares attestation to consult limited company Round-the-world and organic food studies Nanjing referral center Organic agriculture produce and sale manages Taiwan association

International produce is current association


Nutrient industry is sunny industry, involve medicine of agriculture, food, light industrial, chemical industry, health care to taste reach cosmetic convention trade, and get national policy give aid to. When average per capita of a country according to international experience GDP is in 1000 - between 3000 dollars, people can begin to pay attention to problem of oneself nutrition health, at the same time nutrient industry also can grow quickly.

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