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Bake of Iba 2009 international is exhibited

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Bake of Iba 2009 international is exhibited

2008-7-14 9:01:3The 3 numbers that browse: 173 origin: 

English name: Iba 2009 extends meeting time: October 2009 03 - 09 days exhibit meeting site: Germany, international of much husband of Du Sai Er exhibits a center to open time: 9:00-18:00 exhibit an area: 120 thousand 3 1000 square metre. The preparation that the product machines · raw material to supply · dough and cold storage of · of carriage · oven, ferment and bake of · of air conditioning system is special flour of · of furniture raw material, kibble corn · beforehand mixture, depth of semi-manufactured goods · is refrigerant dough / agent of glair of glazing of · of bake semi-manufactured goods / adornment · flavor, flavoring · ice-cream cleanness and · of alexipharmic · clean equipment abandon water treatment, housetop of trash discard · , metope is enclothed, floor EDP hardware and counter of · of software of software · commerce, monitoring system shop is decorated / butter of carriage · of the · of sale · cut and package machine · that pack / ice-cream inn · snacks · sweetmeat / confectioner car · deserves to send car · cold storage and retail with car service · grooms, educational · seeks advice, the program seeks advice from a hot line: Phone: Gentleman of Marseilles of 010-84600400 84600397 Miss Zhang Wanxia faxes: 010-84600394
North of area of Beijing rising sun 3 annulus east center of exhibition of 6 China International serves the region building 3 network address: Email: Zhangwx@ciec.com.cn Masai@ciec.com.cn
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