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Exhibition of import and export merchandise of China of the 5th Malaysia and inv

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Exhibition of import and export merchandise of China of the 5th Malaysia and investment negotiate meeting

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Exhibition of Malaysia import and export merchandise and investment negotiate meeting, had been in Malaysia capital kuala lumpur 4 years to be held successfully continuously since 2004. Through 4 years breed, the class of exhibition and consequence promotion are very fast, progressively from an omnibus exhibition to professional exhibition transition, major buys domestic amount and quality to rise ceaselessly.

Current exhibit can sponsor by Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China, and by famous wide hand in can undertake center of foreign trade of unit —— China undertakes. This is wide those who hand in meeting overseas is outspread, trade what provide mutual benefit of a mutually beneficial for Chinese enterprise platform, wear the aureate bridge that has world of a trend.

Place: Conference of kuala lumpur international shows central time: On December 18, 2008- - on December 21

[exhibit conference fixed position]
Regional international brand exposition, namely market of Malaysia of base oneself upon, face east alliance, radiation South Asia and middle east area.

[exhibit meeting battle array]
Sponsor: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Undertake: Pay of discharge  Yun is held row
Support of your kind effort: China is stationed in place of commercial counsellor of Malaysia embassy economy, china is stationed in Singapore, Thailand and place of commercial counsellor of Indonesian embassy economy, total chamber of commerce of commerce of Malaysia China economy
Senior assist do: Guangzhou of Chinese foreign trade exhibits dispatch of company Malaysia horse to show limited company

[exhibit meeting setting]
Alliance rises abruptly east
Our country and east the two hundred and two billion five hundred and fifty million dollar that the trading business volume of allied country home raises to 2007 by the 8 billion dollar 1991, go up more than 25 times, current and bilateral already the 4th large trade that each other is the other side is companionate. Built Chinese — 2010 east after alliance free-trade area, alliance market is a vast free-trade area east, once the product is entered east alliance either country, can use 0 custom duty to make the product is in the market enters all member country to be sold all right, will be a huge market that has gross of commerce of 1.8 billion consumer, 1.2 trillion dollar, become the 3rd large free-trade area of world that is next to North America, European Union.

Malaysia advantage
Malaysia is east the important member of alliance, political situation is stable, economy grows steadily, be in business the environment is good.
Malaysia regards entrepot trade as base, its market more but radiation arrives Euramerican wait for a country, benefit is walked out of at Chinese enterprise.
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